Impact of Refreshed & Enriched CRM in Data Driven Sales World

The ever-changing business climate across industry verticals counts on the latest, actionable and quality data. But what should be the cost and time-efficient measure when certain crucial data loses its value within a few days? Well, to refresh and enrich your CRM with actionable data, not only in the preliminary stage but, in an ongoing manner.

We have seen businesses across industry verticals drawing reliable insights from refreshed and enriched data and subsequently, boosting sales performance. Essentially, accurate and valid information of prospects in your CRM always enables you to pitch the right person at the right time. As it’s highly essential for B2B salesperson or B2B marketers to keep pace with the ever-changing reality, we suggest CRMs with ready-to-sale data and not stale data.

Study shows that on average, B2B data decays at a rate of just over 5% per month, or 70.3% per year. You should protect your CRM from such decay to save your budget, time and also to improve your account-score model. It enables you to stay at the top of every change happening around your CRM-data. These are the core reasons for which data enrichment and cleaning plays a key role in today’s data-driven sales world. If you are aiming to reach the exact audience and boost ROI, ensure to follow suitable and regular data cleansing, scrubbing, de-duplication, verification, and formatting.

The difficulty behind creating a highly useful CRM is not technology or system but to ensure data quality at every point. Your new-age business would always demand rapid traction in sales and marketing for laser-focused targeting. It’s ideally achievable through timely and relevant account insights of high-value accounts, making it extremely essential to personalize and update your CRM at scale. Do you want to acquire all these and still want to stay focused on your core business areas? Make sure to get hold of professional and constant assistance across Light Sales Intelligence, Deep Sales Intelligence, Market Analytics, Email Campaigns and complete CRM Data Solutions. You will have a systemized approach for data standardization and de-duplication followed by company data cleansing. It continues with Contact Data cleansing, Prospect deliverability check and end with data append.

Yearly 70% of contact data gets outdated making businesses incompetent to improve lead-score. For that, it’s always crucial to settle with a team that goes an extra-mile in empowering you to target more prospecting and accurate prospect through refreshed and enriched CRM data. You will be enabled to accelerate account-based strategies that generate business revenues through high-quality actionable B2B data. Your CRM will always be comprised of the highest quality of functional data that are revenue-ready.

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