Account Based Marketing for better ROI.

B2B marketers of this age vehemently trust account-based marketing (ABM) to cast a wider net of marketing campaigns. It strongly complements their effort to drive long-term revenue growth. According to HubSpot, “more than 60% of companies plan to launch an ABM-based campaign” by the end of this year. The ABM approach has been there for years but the recent technologies available have made this approach scalable and hence more effective. Let’s understand ABM in a wider way –

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

When new-age B2B service providers aim to identify and target potential accounts to enhance respective business avenues, they mostly opt for personalized ABM as the most fitting strategy. Unfortunately, prevailing myths like the astronomical cost for implementation of ABM strategy or that ABM is all about email marketing are often spoiling ways to explore new opportunities. In reality, ABM is not a fancy standby for sales neither is it pocket-pinching or required to absorb new marketing techniques. It’s more about re-focusing on the marketing strategy that enables you to reduce marketing costs, improve conversions, generate better and quality leads while exceeding your targets. Precisely, ABM concentrates marketing and sales resources on a well-analysed and predefined set of targeted accounts to attract, engage, convert and close the same. Thus, leading to increased ROI.

Account Maps

How to benefit from it ?

ABM approach typically helps you to identify your buyer group of a particular account and accordingly nurtures them to become your leads. The approach has a track-record to augment the digital strategy at scale but only when guided by diligent actionable sales experts. Eventually, they help you to explore benefits like –

  • Strategically mapping the accounts with complete decision making tree within an enterprise,

  • Ensuring your management, sales, marketing and inside sales have one integrated view,

  • Getting your connections within the enterprise,

  • Getting insights which are relevant to your offering,

  • Getting account as well as personal specific insights,

  • Helping with personalised communication with wider number of decision-makers,

  • Helping you penetrate within an account till you reach the decision makers,

  • Having the metrics to track how engaged you are with an account,

To conclude, the traditional marketing approach has been around attracting your prospects from a larger pool. Account-based marketing is about targeting accounts based on your best business connection and also to reduce the gap between sales and marketing as a target profile of the accounts is decided in collaboration.

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