BizKonnect grew in revenue by 70% in 2013-14 - its second year of operation.

BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, announced their second year financial results. BizKonnect revenue grew by 70% in the second year with the customer base growing to 11 global customers and 6 ongoing pilots. This has been a year of great growth not only in terms of revenue but also overall company growth in terms of acquiring referenced customer base, setting up processes and building a scalable robust product. The founders believe that, in this phase, though good revenue growth is always welcome, the company’s focus was more on getting good customers who can be referenced and delivering them outstanding value. The company has achieved that goal.

In the coming year, the company plans to invest into sales and marketing since it has well established processes and good customer references. The company will continue investment into engineering to make its platform and tools scalable and more effective. It will continue to refine its research capabilities with semantic technologies.

As per their Director and Co-Founder, Partap Roy “We have been fortunate to start the company with a real problem and a paid customer. With every new customer our experience and clarity has grown. We have more and more validation that we are solving a real problem and our solution is effective and scalable. We help our customers to reach to the decision makers who have pain points that they solve and take them there with references. Our referenced database and technologies to assist the lead generation and qualification makes our offering unique and effective.”

All the customers of the company are referenceable. The company continues to follow the principle that it preaches, to acquire the customers through references and their ecosystem. BizKonnect also has hired all the employees through references and from within their ecosystem. One of the great testimony they got from the VP sales of the client who said that “we tried different ways to generate leads including cold calling, having local US partners but we did not get the desired results. BizKonnect solutions – the product supported by its virtual sales assistants, gave us 6 meetings in one month.”