BizKonnect ranked as a High Performer in G2 Crowd’s 2019 Best Global Sales Intelligence Software Report

BizKonnect, a growing sales intelligence software has added another feather in its cap. Thanks to the support and great reviews by its customers, Bizkonnect has been ranked as a High Performer of 2019 sales intelligence software. BizKonnect got review rating of 4.6 on scale of 5 much higher than the most of its competitors in the space.

Partap Roy, Co-Founder and VP-solutions said, “This is the first year we entered in the G2 crowd and thanks to the great reviews by our customers that we got into the high performer section in the first year. We need to take it further from here. Such honors would always raise the bar among ourselves.” BizKonnect’s sales intelligence software is helping sales and marketing teams to enter into the target enterprises. It has seen accelerated traction for its Account Maps of large enterprises and that is also helping companies to execute Account Based Marketing at scale.

Why G2 Crowd Ranking Matter for BizKonnect?
Given that G2 Crowd is featured in Forbes, CIO, PCWorld, etc., one gets assured of having an unbiased and real-time user review for best-fit business technology decisions. Thus, limiting risks or incoherency. Through this platform, our capabilities also got transparently showcased to the world.

What did BizKonnect’s Customers say at G2?

“The BizKonnect team has been a trusted partner of ours for many years. It is clear the entire team is dedicated to top-notch customer service. They do their best to listen carefully to the criteria required and follow processes to your exact specifications and, when they occasionally miss the mark, the team is quick to jump on a call to resolve the issue. BizKonnect helps us to target qualified leads and increases efficiency in our business” - Jessica B, Vice President.

“Very focussed delivery team which aligns itself to your vision/ strategy and works tirelessly to give results. Team is open to feedback and comes back with constructive opinions to fine tune the requirement(s). Helped generate B2B leads for our scope of work and products. BK team was able to get qualified leads as per understanding between both sides.” - Aditya S, Co-Founder

“Excellent profiling of the target customer base. good in depth understanding of our needs and spent good time for quality data. We had ventured into new territory and didn’t want to waste a lot of time on prospecting. Had connected to Rohan who in turn introduced me to Fareed and in no time after placing the order, the database started pouring in.” - Shashikumar V, Assistant Manager Business Development IT and Services

BizKonnect is associated with 1000+ global clients in their actionable sales intelligence journey. The solutions cover light sales intelligence like contact data and deep sales intelligence like market analysis, organization charts mapped with connections and insights. They also provide theme based campaign solution to get meetings with the target prospects. The solution also helps to execute Account Based Marketing at scale.

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