BizKonnect receives second round of angel funding towards expanding its engineering efforts.

BizKonnect, a startup in actionable sales intelligence space, announced that it received the second round of angel funding. This funding is primarily to support its engineering efforts. BizKonnect plans to expand its engineering team and the engineering focus will be to make the platform robust and scalable.

BizKonnect has been acquiring one new customer per month in addition to multiple pilots. The company plans to expands its customer base rapidly in 2014 and hence it became imperative to invest into the product engineering. This investment will not only help the company to scale up its platform but also scale up the business model which is currently more service oriented.

As per their Chief Architect Ninaad Joshi and Director –Engineering, Rahul Dhongade “The company has acquired expertise in many latest technologies like Semantic search, Graph databases and other web data aggregation methodologies. The technology team has been busy creating POCs for each of these areas and how they will make the lead generation efforts seamless and improve the sales research. Now, with this funding, the company plans to get these POCs from its technology team into the product engineering so that the end customers start seeing the benefits.”

The first effort will be for its own analysts to leverage the tools and technologies. The company eventually plans to productize all the internal tools so that it can open those to the inside sales teams of its customers and prospects. This will have significant impact on its cost and make the whole business even more scalable.