BizKonnect records 300% revenue growth, increases customer base rapidly.

BizKonnect records 300% revenue growth, increases customer base rapidly. BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, announced their third year financial results. BizKonnect revenue grew by 300% in the third year with the customer base growing to 32 global customers and 8 ongoing pilots. This has been a milestone year of an accelerated growth in revenue and the number of new customers added. The company also added some marquee clients to its portfolio and expanded its offering to the marketing departments. This year also saw an entry into Europe, in addition to the existing US and India markets.

In the coming year, the company plans to invest into its sales and marketing especially in the US and Europe market. The company plans to invest in products and release some of the internal tools to the external customers. The initial years have gone in building the products and refining the business models and offerings. The business model is proven and is repeatable. Now the focus in the coming year will be on building scalability and profitability in the entire business. Now, the company plans to scale up the revenue by investing in sales and marketing and reduce the cost by leveraging the automation and the products. The focus will also be in defining the internal processes and get the organization ready for the expected scaling. The company has been generating funds from its operations and is funded by Angels.

As per their Chief Architect, Ninaad Joshi and Head of Engineering, Rahul Dhongade “Our technology heritage has helped us to use the technology to solve the real business problems. We have mastered the semantic search and graph technologies. We are able to now build networked data using the web crawlers, NLP and graph technologies. The key in this business is the quality of the data. Our technology backed data aggregation supported by semi-automated quality checks help us to keep the data quality high.”

The company plans to expand its business offerings. It is evolving as a trusted data and technology partner of the marketing departments. The industry focus is also expanding from the OPD ( Outsourced Product Development ) services to other domains like Energy efficiency and renewable energy, Travel, Healthcare, Recruiting ( Especially ATS ) , IoT and Enterprise mobility.

The company believes that people do business with someone they trust the business capabilities of. That trust comes from having the business references which they can relate to. This belief has resulted in company’s innovative way of lead generation, qualification and communication. Its approach of generating leads from customer’s business ecosystems, qualifying and prioritizing those based on the business connections and communicating with the decision makers with a personalized email campaign is turning out to be very effective. Its own sales and marketing engine leverages the same concept and has been able to scale not only their own business but also the business of 40+ customers and many more.