BizKonnect releases sales intelligence solution for the Human Capital Management ( HCM ) market.

Bizkonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, today announced its release of a module specifically for the HCM domain. The company has been serving IT services and products market for more than 3 years. Over the last few months, the company saw increased demand from the HCM software companies and decided to develop this domain focused module.

The demand for HCM management software has been growing over the years. This has resulted in increased ecosystem of the specialized players in this sector. There are many companies focusing just on recruitment ( ATS ), ackground screening, Candidate assessment, Performance Management, Training, Interviewing with each of this sub-category seeing spurt of startup activities. The latest trends in recruitment have been around mobile and social recruitment and video interviewing. The new startups are coming up in these latest technologies and trying to displace the established players. This is a huge opportunity for BizKonnect to provide competitive sales intelligence to the sales and marketing departments of the HCM software companies. These companies need intelligence around HR and Talent Acquisition decision makers, technologies used in HCM and also activities around hiring. BizKonnectHCM exactly caters to this need.

BizKonnectHCM provides intelligence data of the HR decision makers of the companies who are using specific recruitment technologies. It is leveraging its NLP technologies to derive intelligence from the job data. The product also has a feature to set alerts for any changes such as ATS change, management change or changes in the job requirements. This will be a very useful intelligence to know as many companies provide trial period of 3 months. The marketing department can use these alerts to target those companies who have recently changed their ATS. The product also provides intelligence around jobs such as how many open jobs are there, jobs into specific business domain or specific technology. This information is useful not only to the HCM software companies but also staffing and recruitment companies. The module also provides intelligence about companies not using specific technologies but have requirements and hence are ideal targets for sales.

The data repository has grown to more than 1 Million companies and is growing every day. The web crawlers keep aggregating data over the web and then the semantic search technologies are used to derive the needed intelligence from the unstructured data. Quality of the data is the most important factor in the sales intelligence business. BizKonnectHCM not only aggregates the data daily but also updates it on daily basis. Its business model is also tuned around assuring quality sales intelligence to the customers.