Leverage Konnect Maps to navigate faster into Large Enterprises !!!

For any startup, rather for any company, it is important to have large enterprises as customers because that is where you will get good showcase logos on your customer list and also the deal sizes will be big. There is also a lot of growth potential within the large accounts once you make an entry. The entry into these large accounts can be very lengthy process and will eat a lot of sales, marketing and management bandwidth. Once you cross the entry point and are a registered vendor with some business engagement, it will also not be easy to navigate across all the other business units and get more business unless you approach the account strategically and leverage sales intelligence.

Scaling is not an option–If your company is not growing, it is dying!

“You need to be proactive in setting up your sales engine before the sales starts dropping. When you start looking at the options when your revenue is flat or dropping, you do things in panic. It is like the recent advice by the IMF to the world economies – one should repair the roof when the Sun is shining. You should invest in sales and marketing more and set up your own successful way of sales and marketing when you are growing and not when you see flat growth.”

Have you slowed down your sales activities because it is December – Think again!

“Is it that while you and your sales team sweat blood throughout the year to pump in more leads/opportunities for business, often take a break in December from all your sales strategies. You might want to think again! If you win it here, your proposal might land a place in the prospect's new year strategy document.”

Web Data Discovery and Sourcing Approaches for Text Analytics

“The web data discovery and sourcing problem is multifold: ranging right from intellectual property ownership/control, volume, ethics, precision and authenticity. A knowledgebase should at the least adhere to select resources which assure a degree of credibility, authenticity, repeatability, reliability and quality. Just because something is there on the web doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to find. Most of the time, we know what we want but don’t know where we can find it and how we can use it.”

Scale up your business by leveraging your Business Connections.

“You need to communicate to your prospects that I understand the problem you are facing, I have a solution for it and I have provided that solution to another company who is of your size, in your geography, in your domain and uses similar technology. I understand you and have solved the problem in a similar ecosystem. You NOW have built the trust and confidence with your prospect by leveraging the Business Connection.”

BizKonnect’s actionable sales intelligence solution enables growth of its 200+ global customers.

BizKonnect, a rapidly growing actionable sales intelligence startup, announced crossing a significant milestone of signing its 200th customer. The company saw an year of accelerated growth and added more than 100 new customers in less than 9 months. This year, it also expanded its business offering to provide sales intelligence to the e-Learning and e-Commerce technology companies in addition to its well established HR and Hospitality technology markets. Its personalized email campaign service, which leverages its research platform in an assisted service model, continued to be very popular with the sales teams. It is also getting an excellent traction to its new offering - “Event based campaigns”, where it helps sales and marketing executives to have pre-scheduled meetings in the conferences and make their event participation very productive.

BizKonnect’s experience with its Small Town Centers.

BizKonnect, a technology startup in the actionable sales intelligence space has been scaling up rapidly. To support the growth, it has leveraged a “small town” model very effectively. It has two centers , one in Aurangabad and the other one in Margao (Goa ) supporting their Pune center. This model has brought in operational efficiency which is helping the company to fuel the growth further. The founders recently shared their experience with the “Small Town” model and their learnings which will be useful for other companies thinking of doing the same.

Bizkonnect crosses a milestone of serving more than 100 customers with its actionable sales intelligence solutions.

BizKonnect, a growing actionable sales intelligence startup, announced crossing a significant milestone of signing its 100th customer.The company saw an year of accelerated growth and doubled its revenue. The year also saw it expanding its business offering to providing sales intelligence to the HCM and Hospitality markets in addition to its well established IT market. Its database expanded multifold and crossed 1 Mn global companies.

BizKonnect releases sales intelligence solution for the Human Capital Management ( HCM ) market.

Bizkonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, today announced its release of a module specifically for the HCM domain. The company has been serving IT services and products market for more than 3 years. Over the last few months, the company saw increased demand from the HCM software companies and decided to develop this domain focused module.

BizKonnect records 300% revenue growth, increases customer base rapidly.

BizKonnect records 300% revenue growth, increases customer base rapidly. BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, announced their third year financial results. BizKonnect revenue grew by 300% in the third year with the customer base growing to 32 global customers and 8 ongoing pilots. This has been a milestone year of an accelerated growth in revenue and the number of new customers added. The company also added some marquee clients to its portfolio and expanded its offering to the marketing departments. This year also saw an entry into Europe, in addition to the existing US and India markets.

BizKonnect grew in revenue by 70% in 2013-14 - its second year of operation.

BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, announced their second year financial results. BizKonnect revenue grew by 70% in the second year with the customer base growing to 11 global customers and 6 ongoing pilots. This has been a year of great growth not only in terms of revenue but also overall company growth in terms of acquiring referenced customer base, setting up processes and building a scalable robust product. The founders believe that, in this phase, though good revenue growth is always welcome, the company’s focus was more on getting good customers who can be referenced and delivering them outstanding value. The company has achieved that goal.

BizKonnect enters the year 2014 with 8 customers and 6 pilots.

BizKonnect Solutions, a startup in the actionable sales intelligence space entered the year 2014, with 8 customers and 6 pilots. The company is in its second year of operations. The company has been fortunate to start with a customer on the day one of its operations and solve the real problem. The solution has evolved over these years and the company has got absolute clarity in terms of its offerings and business models. What makes it unique in this space is its unique network based approach to lead generation, technology backed approach to solve the real business problems and a service component making it a very effective and efficient approach to grow the business.

BizKonnect receives second round of angel funding towards expanding its engineering efforts.

BizKonnect, a startup in actionable sales intelligence space, announced that it received the second round of angel funding. This funding is primarily to support its engineering efforts. BizKonnect plans to expand its engineering team and the engineering focus will be to make the platform robust and scalable.

BizKonnect achieves its sales and operational goals of the year 2013 - April 2013.

BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company today announced that they had a great first year of their operations. BizKonnect acquired 3 new customers in its first year, making it ready for the next year of growth. All their customers renewed their contracts giving another validation of the ROI that the BizKonnect platform offers.