Easy Prospecting of Big Deals with Account Maps.

For B2B businesses that aim for thriving sales growth, it's imperative to opt for key account management. Other than synchronizing your sales, marketing, inside sales and management teams it is equally essential to nurture and build relationships and make the big deals happen. Unfortunately, >40% of sales executives consider prospecting to be the most critical and tedious task. Thankfully, account maps are helping them to break the wall white opening up new doors to connect with multiple decision-makers at the enterprises.

To be precise, account maps are the best form of relationship mapping that gives you a visual presentation of your targeted company’s connections, influences, and others. Account mapping is also the answer if you are in search of a perfect platform for sharing sales objectives, results, and strategies of your own organization. To acquire the most actionable and interactive maps you should also trust sales experts known for building such maps at scale while mitigating pitfalls. If you are up with only a specific set of contact, these experts would take you to a broader level while helping you to understand the prospect’s corporate environment. Things that they unravel before creating the map are –

  • How to make account level sales strategy to penetrate into an account ?,

  • How can you leverage relationships to reach your goals?,

  • How can you customize your messaging with relevant insights ?,

  • Who in the key account can take you to your goals?,

  • How balanced and connected is your own sales team in securing the sale?,

The account map helps to have one common view of the target account for the inside sales, marketing, inside sales and management. It’s very useful to map relationships within your businesses by giving you an outline of all the resources, helping you to stay aligned. That way all have the same knowledge available to discuss and exchange notes. This ensures that no key connections or insights are missed out by any team. The maps are also interactive and can be leveraged to track the movement within the account from getting connected to moving to the warm stage until the sale's closure and even beyond that for account mining.

In the end, you will be able to pursue larger sales goals. Your ability to comprehend your target company’s lay of the land calls for a series of organized data collection which again is time-consuming. An actionable sales expert can help you with this by never letting you miss any opportunity to connect with any of the stakeholders of your targeted enterprise.

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