Focus on Enterprise Sales with Account Mapping.

When you are aiming for your enterprise sales, neither can you rely on a single executive nor can you hop from one sales call to another and get the deal signed. What should be the step forward? Well, adopt a strategic measure that connects you with your prospect on a deeper level, identifies stakeholders/decision-makers and creates a consensus. Said that you need to get hold of Account Mapping on a practical level to visually understand your prospect company to its core. It will also help you to personalize sales pitches while ensuring more business. Now the question is –


After all, it is a well-strategized process that consistently helps you to have a visual representation of the relationship dynamics and data points for your prospective enterprises. As sales cycles are really long and arduous at enterprises, you need good connections and references to move fast.

The correct account map ensures that you pitch your solution to address some acute needs and accelerate the decision process. No wonder, it acts as a game-changing addition for your thriving sales team. They can have a detailed overview of how your targeted enterprise functions, the key decision-makers, and informal hierarchies. Eventually, you can approach with the best and suitable sales pitch, that clicks. It also helps you to –

  • Navigate strategically,

  • Leverage insights and connections anywhere in the enterprise,

  • Leverage your management connections,

  • Access the decision-making process of your targeted enterprise,

  • Discover and understand your prospects,

  • Foster professional relationships with respective stakeholders,

  • Deeper insights across every team,

  • Get a sense of your progress throughout the sales cycle,

  • Get a sense of your progress throughout the sales cycleStreamline deal reviews.

    Added Advantage of Account Maps

    When you are opting for enterprise sales, it becomes highly essential to understand your targeted enterprise at a broader level. A correctly constructed account map would navigate you through every potential avenue for revenue. Remember, account maps are even more effective when you can have your connections mapped on it. You can leverage the connections (someone who worked with you in the past, someone who worked at your key customer, studied in the same college) to increase upsell value and frequency. Such effective internal insights can help you to move further in your enterprise sales cycle.

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