Get Maximum ROI from the event participation

"Events are great to interact and network with your potential customers and peers. But most of the times you end up meeting sales person who is selling you something. You would ideally like to meet someone who is of your interest – may be potential customer, potential investor, potential partner etc. Most of the business deals bloom when you encounter the right authority at the right event. "

How would you ensure that you meet the relevant authorities and not sales person selling you his/her solution ? Why would the relevant authorities meet you and not with a hundred others and how to encourage them to participate? How can you make your sales/ marketing team more diligent for converting prospects into business at such events? No matter if you are participating or having a booth, it’s necessary to ensure that the meetings are with the relevant decision makers. This will ensure your investment in the event participation gives you maximum return. BizKonnect, the Actionable Sales Intelligence Company can help you. We have seen excellent success with our clients in the past wherein we have helped them to get 40-45 quality meetings in one event. Do you know how? Here it is–

Personalized Event-Based Campaign Solutions

We provide a personalized campaign solution to maximize the targeted attendee list and conversions. These are the steps we follow.

  1. We move ahead after understanding your target profile
    To increase your ROI from the conferences and events, we understand your target profile and ensure that you to meet with only the relevant attendees who meet this target profile.

  2. Prepare potential attendee list in-line with your target audience
    You will get a well-analyzed list up-front for a clear view of qualified attendees without wasting much of your time or money.

  3. Start with personalized email campaigns with a cohesive message
    How would you drive more event engagements unless you convey the true sense of your business and that connects with the audience? We shoot “business connection” based emails to achieve this purpose for you.

  4. Followed by periodic follow-ups
    We don’t want you to miss a single positive prospect whom you can reach. Our periodic follow-ups are thus to facilitate their interest in meeting you, make them feel valued and reveal your key differentiators.

  5. Consistent reminders for confirming meeting minutes before or during the event
    As your prospects are also taken by competing priorities, we will send them gentle reminders so that, they do not miss the scheduled meeting.

  6. Executive insights for and before meetings.
    Our domain experts would also spell out significant executive insights and discoveries both for the meetings and before the meetings, ensuring you the best outcomes giving you talking points.

  7. Post-event follow-ups for non-attendee.
    Helping you to open-up with an alternative option to meet with prospects who might have missed the event for some reason or the other.

All you need to provide is a Hunting email id, defined target authority and company, event details, and additional collaterals. Our domain experts for actionable sales intelligence would plan and execute personalized campaigns, ensuring you fruitful pre-scheduled meetings with your target audience walking into the event.You can clickto know our competence in maximizing event participation for some of our clients. You will also benefit from our connected company database of almost 20+ million companies. Using this database, we provide three primary solutions - sales intelligence like the contact list, Account maps and also do lead generation using our campaigns. With 1000+ global clients, 40 % in the US, 30% in India and the rest 30% in APAC, Europe, ME, etc.. we can assure you results outplaying your expectations.

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