Have you slowed down your sales activities because it is December – Think again !

Is it that while you and your sales team sweat blood throughout the year to pump in more leads/opportunities for business, often take a break in December from all your sales strategies. You might want to think again! If you win it here, your proposal might land a place in the prospect's new year strategy document.

Key decision makers at different levels of businesses are thinking out loud during this time of the year. They are aligning important strategies to improve the business for the coming year and accordingly budgets are planned. Moreover, these think tanks are looking for new ideas and ways of improving their business operations.

What is expected from you? Nothing out of the box, just persistence in your approach! Segregate the target audience and reach out to them positioning your services/product to be an important element in their coming year's business strategy that would generate revenue or save costs. Be to the point, share your best case studies and highlight the pain areas to the decision makers. Along with the new leads, it would be a good time to nurture through the warm cases that you have achieved throughout the year. With internationalization of businesses somewhere someone within the company is working and reaching them could be so easy because your competitors are relaxing.

At BizKonnect, we help our clients build healthy sales pipeline through personalized email campaigns and qualified databases. Leveraging the power of NLP and web crawlers our lead engine churns qualified prospects across different verticals and geographies. I'd be happy to share that December has been just another month and there have been emphatic results where our clients had active business conversations. As a process, we follow tested followup and drip campaigns to achieve these results for our clients.

You might want to test this!