Intelligent Account Maps for your Enterprise Sales.

If you are up for cracking enterprise deals, it is essential to have a visual presentation of your prospect company’s relationship dynamics. Account maps incorporated with the right information is the way to it. Your sales team would not only get a detailed overview of your prospect's operational processes through it but would also be able to recognize key-decision makers. Account map counts on the informal hierarchies and certainly takes you beyond typical org charts.

Fundamentally, account maps with relevant insights and data will help you to understand the overall landscape of your targeted enterprise. Thus, enabling you to strategize your approach while focusing on the key-stakeholders to whom you should represent your offerings. So, what information should you seek in respective account maps that would help you to identify decision-makers and their roles in making your deals a success?

  • In addition to the connections, the account maps need to have key insights around the ongoing relevant projects and technologies that the person or the BU is associated with,

  • Some indicators on budget and some communication points about the business or the individuals with customized messaging,

  • If you have an insight into some recent relevant investment or recent talk by the CTO, then the mention of this in the communication makes a huge difference,

  • Based on the above information you can chart the hierarchy of your targeted enterprise. It would be a great approach to identify the role of every individual contact and their significant role in the buying process,

  • Leverage your senior management connections with the decision-makers, leverage your sales team connection with insiders to get useful information,

Remember, when you are aiming for enterprise sales you can’t be limited about convincing one and the process ahead would be much complex. For that, create consensus among several relevant and empowered buyers while understanding their predefined roles, responsibilities, and relationships. Account mapping can take you through all these while helping you to connect with buyers at a deeper level and also uncover critical insights that might have got buried in traditional CRM. So, you should prioritize in continuous incorporation of quality information into account maps. It would give you the best opportunity to develop relationships over time and would also help you to–

  • Understand the priorities, industry grown projections and business of your prospect company,

  • Prepare your offerings and make a strategic approach before they contact others,

  • Keep them updated with your solutions at a regular interval while providing them value at every communication that you make,

A well-informed account map would always help you to touch base with multiple stakeholders and key decision-makers. You should consider it as an asset in today's enterprise sales environment. As manual account mapping might take several days and weeks you can always trust sales intelligence experts. They would help you to reach more targets in less time while reducing the sales cycle.

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