Kick-Start Your ABM for Enhanced Avenues by identifying target accounts.

By now, you must be aware that the demand for strategic Account Based Marketing is growing exponentially. Businesses are landing big sales whales with ABM and how! So, you should determine the right jump-off point to start with a well-analyzed ABM strategy that gives you results beyond satisfactory limits.

The first and most crucial step is to identify and define your targeted and high-value accounts by following certain parameters. How and Why?

Account Based Marketing focuses on highly personalized campaigns rather than blanket campaigns to hit the right ball. According to ITSMA, ABM considers, “individual accounts as markets in their own right.” To achieve the same, the targeted approach is the only way. When you start with identifying your target accounts the possibility to enhance your marketing outcome gets expanded, too. If you are highly focussed to attain elite corporate deals, ABM would make to market your offering to every decision-maker rather than a single individual. Thus, you’ll be enabled to kick-off on the right foot to widen your business opportunities.

Account Based Marketing

However, to acquire the best possible result, it would also be suggested to consult with experts who have been into this domain for years. Why? They would take you in the right direction through a theme-based approach. For them, Theme would be the combination of Business Solution, Technology, Location, Decision Maker, Target company size. They would help you with the analysis of your current best customers and identify target accounts similar to those. They would help you look at the current decision makers and help you with personas to reach to in the target accounts. An example of a theme would be – “Let us target all small to medium size ( less than 500 employees ) Healthcare technology companies in the US ( maybe defined East/West Coast ) and approach their VP of Engineering or CTO with our Electronic Health Record Integration solution giving the case study of how we helped a similar customer.”

Here is not All –

While defining a theme, these intelligent and actionable sales experts would amalgamate your current and aspirational solution strengths and the targeted market analysis. It’ll help you to map your customer’s case studies and derive potential themes. You’ll have market analysis based on the actual data, giving you market size, competitive analysis and clear segmentation of the market. They will leverage the account maps of your current customers and collaborate with you to get target accounts and personas.

Remember, you might find it hard to execute the correct ABM campaign that brings your offerings and your target ‘s requirements at the same point. It calls for a detailed analysis and execution methodology which can be acquired at its best by consulting with experts. Other than following this above-mentioned crucial step they would also take you through several other proven stages, ensuring you the most fitting results and better ROI. Want to know those?


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