Navigate your Enterprise sales journey faster with Account Maps.

Think of a situation where you have almost finalized an enterprise deal. Unfortunately, the next day it's not there. The person with whom you were communicating might have stopped responding or got transferred or moved to another job! There are continuous restructuring initiatives happening in these large enterprises. So, what should be your next step? Should you stop then and there? Well, the answer is an alternate route. How? Through the assistance of account mapping.

The account map will alert you with any changes like new person joining, role change or any new news about the company or the person. The account map will help you to have one common view of the target account for the inside sales, marketing, inside sales and management. This ensures that no key connections or insights are missed out by any team, helping you to connect with several other stakeholders associated with the same purchase process. You may be able to navigate to the final decision maker with multiple channels and connections in the account map.

In large enterprises, there are multiple entry doors and all of these you can see in the account map. Even if you get stuck at one door, you should continue knocking the other, leverage your connections and keep trying by utilizing insights, until successful. You should leverage the Account Maps and different routes to reach the decision maker. Just like you use Google Maps to continuously navigate and reach faster to your destination.

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