Actionable Sales Intelligence

We provide actionable sales intelligence and help you with the contact lists as per your target profile. This is a great source to build and augment your marketing database. We provide multiple technology user lists in different verticals such as HR, Hospitality, eCommerce, Digitial Media , eLearning, Advertising, Healthcare and many other domains and technologies. Our clients use these contact lists to do email or calling campaign to reach to their decision makers. We provide 100% quality guarantee with free replacement of defects ( if any ). Also, you pay after you get the data so there is no risk to you.

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Qualified and Personalized Campaign

The cold campaign does not give any results. BizKonnect leveraging its tools and technologies helps in making the campaigns qualified – the prospects who have pain points get the emails and that too mentioning the common references. The solution takes the campaign to the next level of personalization by giving templates with personal and corporate connection points at individual level.

Data Services – CRM Data refresh, Data Append

Your marketing team uses the CRM contact data to send email campaigns but lot of emails bounce and many are undeliverable. Your sales person calls up a lead from your CRM and gets a response that “the person does not work here anymore”. 70% of your CRM data goes bad in one year, that is 6% on a monthly basis.

You need to refresh your CRM data and make sure it is as recent as on the week it is being used. We can help you to clean up your CRM data. We have our own database of 20 Mn global companies which we refresh on a weekly basis. We not only refresh the old data but can complete the incomplete information like employee size, industry, titles etc. The complete information helps you to run analytics on your customer data and helps better planning.

BizKonnect can be your data partner for cleaning up existing CRM data, completing the database and providing additional data as per your target profile.

Lead Generation leveraging network

Lead Generation leveraging network – BizKonnect Solutions believes that business happens through network. It helps companies to generate leads leveraging their own network. The company leverages its tools like BizKonnector, BizEcoLead and latest technologies to generate leads. The unique way of generating leads helps to increase the sales closures.

Lead Qualification, Scoring and Prioritization

BizKonnect helps to qualify the leads based on the indicators and weightages to the indicators. The qualification is based on how well the company is connected with the decision maker and how acute are the pain points (that the company solves). The platform scores the leads and helps in prioritizing.

Virtual Sales Assistants

One of the differentiators of BizKonnect is the service component to support its products. The customers can leverage their own inside sales team OR can leverage BizKonnect’s virtual sales Assistants to generate and qualify leads.

Technology Enabled Sales Research and Analysis

BizKonnect developed expertise in many latest technologies solving its own problems. One of the problems identified and solved has been making the data Research and aggregation more effective and efficient. The data available over the web is available in multiple formats, structured and unstructured and also available in multiple sources. It is difficult to get data from one source and one format. That is the problem BizKonnect solved for itself and now offers as a service from its Technology group. BizKonnect has developed expertise in many technologies like graph databases, NLP, semantic search, Web crawlers, scraping, JBPM. This has helped BizKonnect to solve many data aggregation problems for its partners.