C-Suite Executives that You Should Recognize and Get Attention Of

When you speak of C-suites in the corporate sector, the count is diverse. Also known as C-level executives, these individuals are known for their diligence in impacting decisions that enhance business avenues in the long run. Essentially, C (Chief)-levels are one of the most commonly used vernaculars defining an organization’s hierarchy and especially the topmost, powerful, and influencing heads. They can be CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, and others. They are the most important from a sales and marketing perspective to reach out to and get attention of. Their responsibilities encompass:

  • Strategic company-wide planning

  • Aligning day-to-day high-stake decisions

  • Focussing on high-level priorities

  • Leadership and managerial roles across Finance, IT, marketing, etc.

All these roles and responsibilities are generic and often differ from one organization to another depending upon the respective workforce. Let’s dig deeper in respect of their titles to understand C-Suites in a better way.

Org chart

Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Unvaryingly, the CEO oversees every single decision that impacts the success of an organization. They are considered as the highest-ranking corporate executive representing the face of a company. Satya Nadella, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, etc., are just to name a few among many such examples. Sometimes, founders and co-founders also serve this role.

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

As the title suggests, they are the one who manages the high-level financial aspect of an organization. From forecasting, managing cash flow to compliance, and even reporting all sorts of long-term financial matters, they are responsible for all. CFOs are known for their dynamism in analysing financial risks, investments, and the overall budgetary status of a company.

Chief Technology Officer - CTO

CTOs are responsible for overseeing top-level tech stacks that influence a company’s growth. Technology research, implementation of innovative tech ideas, setting up new infrastructure, looking after the security factors, and what not? They deal with it all. Often, CIO and CTOs conduct a similar job role.

Chief Marketing Officer – CMO

In respect of a company’s futuristic goals a CMO builds and devices strategies across digital marketing, product positioning, advertising, and more. He is responsible to oversee the entire market research and brand management. their roles also include technological infusions like initiative for business intelligence, mobility, etc.

Chief Science Officer (CSO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), Chief Revenue Officer ( CRO ) and the list continues.

B2B marketers often strive to get in touch with these C-suite executives. Why won’t they? After all, CXOs can open up new avenues for them. But how to come across the most relevant C-level individuals with respect to your offerings? Well, technologically advanced account maps and org charts are the keys. How can BizKonnect help you here? CLICK HERE to know.