Compelling Reasons for Identifying Your Target Accounts in ABM

You can’t limit the new-age Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to be a holistic personalized approach that enhances lead generation, it's beyond that. In simple terms, it’s a whole set of analyzed strategies to ensure that you reach the most relevant and potential customers to enhance your ROI. It prevents you from any sorts of wild goose chase by investing your valuable time, resources and money. What’s the best part of capitalizing on a solid ABM strategy designed by diligent sales intelligent experts? It has the perseverance to ensure long-term customers and helps to achieve your enterprise deals.

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So, What Needs to Be Done at First Instance? Identifying Your Target Accounts –

This is of major importance and also a high impact stage for ABM. To get the best possible result through your Account-Based Marketing strategy you will have to start with target account identification with respect to your campaign goals. Why?

  • This helps you to decide the direction of your entire ABM program by defining success. You can enable your sales and marketing team to understand and analyze your target's Business Solution, Technology, Location, Decision Maker, Company Size and more while making their respective approach.

  • Before defining your campaign theme, this target account identification process would help you to get the ‘aspirational solution strengths and the market analysis of the target market.’ If you settle with sales intelligence experts, they would robustly help you with ‘market analysis of your target markets based on the actual data giving you market size, competitive analysis and clear segmentation of the market.’

  • Account identification would also walk you through business segments that can help you with faster deal closure and business growth. You will also be enabled to place your legitimate offerings with respect to your target’s requirements and challenges.

How & Why to Identify Your Target Accounts?

You can trust ABM technocrats known for their actionable sales intelligence to get empowered with actionable tools and the most relevant ABM stratagem. You’ll be enabled to leverage benefits like –

  • Surveying the most potential accounts in-market

  • Possible time as in when they can purchase your business solution/product

  • Quality database to unlock undiscovered insights & opportunities

  • Wider view on competitor’s ABM practice, etc.

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