How & Why Data Quality is The Key to Sales Intelligence?

Data-accuracy is the foreword for businesses willing to vouch for a dynamic B2B marketing approach. Today, an increasing number of mature start-ups to enterprises are showing interest in intelligent sales strategies that are led by data consistency and fuelled by data insights. Considering the new-age complex sales cycles and enhanced data management technologies, it has become a crucial necessity to dig deeper and gather sales intelligence data based on these key metrics - consistency, completeness, accuracy, validity, and timelessness.

 Data Quality

Why Should You Follow This?

Marketers have already realized the significance of requirement-specific data and its role in ensuring more and better lead generations. The ability to reach out to the most relevant and potential stakeholders also depends on the accurate set of data. As you can’t only bank on your prospect’s company name and contact info, therefore, it is highly essential for you to collect, utilize and continuously refresh data in respect of your target company’s decision-makers, departmental contact details, organizational report structure, budgetary factors, growth graph, tech stacks, individual role, and changes, etc. If this does not occur, you might have to address challenges like:

  • Lesser conversion rates and lead generation thus reduced ROI

  • Inadequate opportunities in the pipeline

  • Softening the competitive standing of a business, etc.

Why Data Quality is Key to Sales Intelligence?

Other than enabling businesses to stay ahead of the competition, quality data also helps to explore and embrace new opportunities. So much so that organizations are vehemently integrating quality-assured data across their business units and futuristic protocols. In addition to this, you can also get to hold tangible benefits, such as:

  • Better client profiling and more reach to specific and potential stakeholders of your prospect company

  • Better determining and targeting of buyers who can ensure faster deal closures which means, boost in ROI

  • Design and personalize marketing campaigns at scale, create more possibilities, and embrace recurring clients in the long run

  • Keeps your marketing and sales team aligned, and the list continues

How to Get There?

You can trust on actionable sales intelligence platforms built by agnostic domain experts, that felicitate web crawlers and semantic search technologies to get insights around the data. Also, make sure that you are empowered to experience –

  • Requirement specific information on your targeted decision-makers contacts like HR Heads, Payroll Managers, C-Level decision-makers, etc.

  • 100% data quality guarantee and recency with free replacement of any defects (if any)

  • Customized database as per your requirements, data accuracy with regular data health checking

  • CRM database updating to append new/ missing information. Standardize, verify, enrich, and normalize data, etc.

There are compelling reasons why you should never neglect quality data in this digital economy. Would you like to explore more on data quality benefits in sales intelligence and how you can utilize your data to the maximum? BizKonnect can certainly help. CLICK HERE.