Joe’s Smarter Approach to Overcome Bad Data Challenges

Something inapt had its continuous presence in Joe’s campaign strategy for the past few months, forcing him to compromise his email-reputation. All at once, Joe remembered, “And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

What’s the Reason? Why Are My Mails Bouncing, Every Time? – Asked Joe to Himself

Joe Smith – the marketing head of a dynamic team had done it all to reduce the spam issues with his email campaigns, but in vain. He knew cover-to-cover protocols to enhance conversion ratio and ROI. In fact, he had the reputation of decking unique marketing strategies that clicks. But this time, while settling with an imperative ABM roadmap, he missed focusing on one crucial thing. From defining the target accounts to crafting down the message content, he had done it all. Unfortunately, nothing worked and he had to fight wastage of time, resources and money. ‘Where am I falling flat?’ – the only question that was chasing him.

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An Email That Became A Blessing in Disguise for Joe

With pressure mounting every day, e-mail spamming was the only constant thing for Joe. Coincidentally, he encountered an email in his inbox speaking about an actionable sales intelligence solution with focus on "data quality" and which ensures data is refreshed every time it is used. Finally, he realized that his efforts, strategies were all in place but data decay was the unattended problem that he had to address. All geared up, he replied them back only to get hold of 100% quality guarantee and most updated data with free replacement of any defects such as bounced emails (if any). Joe trusted them for –

  • Manual verification of the data before delivery to ensure quality and recency

  • Payment only after the data reduces his data decay challenges that he was going through

  • Complete and accurate information based on the company name, location, address, website, contact person name, job title, corporate email id, LinkedIn URL (if available), board line number

  • CRM database update services to get rid of duplicated as well as incorrect entries and data replacement

  • A platform that uses web crawlers and semantic search technologies to get insights around the data such as, technology used, job openings for a company, etc

Joe Also Learnt -

While exchanging insights with these above-mentioned sales intelligence experts, Joe also became aware that on average, B2B data decays at a rate of just over 5% per month which is 70.3% per year. Rather, he was not incognizant of this fact. It’s just that his idea of purchasing and trusting on ready lists without any assurance of data quality went horribly wrong. At an age where the entire digital ecosystem is becoming data-driven, no way can you compromise with data recency or quality. Thankfully, Joe’s continuous thrust to get rid of the spamming rate made him click and read the above-mentioned email. Today, his campaigns are much more personalized, requirement specific, and are observing the higher rate of positive responses, conversions, and deal closures.

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