Trust Contextual and Accurate Data for eMail Campaigns & Pump Your ROI

Are you aware of the number of email accounts that persist? It is anytime double of the number that this new-age reputed Social Media platforms have. Yes, you read that right!

In this scenario do you think sending bulk emails to those ready lists would be enough to meet your marketing goals? It can’t be. Rather, the data-driven digital ecosystem makes it even more essential for email-campaigns to be completely based on quality and accurate data insights. From sending timely and relevant messages to personalization and segmentation, these data can give you multi-facet benefits.

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So, what data should you trust?

You’ll come across a series of options but nothing can be compared to your customized data bank with respect to your offerings, your prospect’s requirements, your targeted geography, etc. No wonder, you can’t simply rely on generic data but opt for contextual data insights. Who can provide you the same? The sales intelligence solution like BizKonnect is the answer. It can answer all your data requirements with regard to –

  • Demographics – suitable for fundamental personalization, segmentation and automation

  • Transactional – highly essential for hyper-personalized email campaigns

  • Preference – based on communication choices

  • Behavioural – update accurate data of your target’s interest

  • Market research – giving you a clear view of your industry peers and revealing your hidden opportunities

And you should also trust sales intelligence data that are–

  • Regularly checked and updated by data cleansing experts check

  • Capable of removing your bounce rate

  • Ensured of accuracy, validity, consistency, and completeness

  • Standardized, manually verified and enriched data

  • Not at all obsolete

  • Free from any typos, spelling errors

  • Updated with all the latest contact details

  • An agile source of accurate information that includes: website, company name, address, contact person name, Corporate Email id, Job title, LinkedIn URL (If available), Board Line Number, etc.

Today, businesses across the industry verticals are exploring novel models infused with contextual data insights. The aim is to drive productivity and influence buying patterns. CLICK HERE to know how BizKonnect is contributing to their journey.