Utilize Contextual Data to Get Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Identifying your target account for planning a strategic marketing approach would not be enough. If your aim is faster and smoother enterprise deal closures then you should also build your set of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). What is it? Well, hypothetically it would give you a categorical description of the most effective prospect from whom you can gain immensely and experience enhanced business at scale. Through Ideal Customer Profiling, you'll also get exposed to long-term business benefits.

Some of The Other Reasons for Which ICP is So Valuable –

  • If account identification gives you a clear view of the prospects that you should be targeting, ICP gives you the high-value prospect list from whom you can benefit with a wider range of opportunities

  • Other than keeping your sales and marketing team aligned, a properly created ICP also gives you a clear vision of appointing the right resource to keep your valued prospect connected while making them a part of your community.

  • You’ll get the easiest and fastest path to convey how your offerings can solve their challenges and requirements in the most time and cost-efficient manner, even in the future. There would be obvious revenue benefits, a higher opportunity for successful sales cycle, customer retention, etc. ICP also gives you the right set of prospect info that widens your path to win.

Ideal Customer Profile

How Can You Get the Most Relevant ICP as Per Your Business Requirement?

  • Start with data that would be created and customized by sales intelligence experts and only for you. This will give you an opportunity to make a quicker decision and implement the most appropriate marketing strategy compared to your industry peers.

  • Make sure that such data are capable of providing you these features of your most valued accounts: employee strength, departmental data, location, the job role of decision-makers, customer base, their targeted geography, etc.

  • Get hold of contextual data that appends new information while removing the inaccurate ones. This will empower you to leverage the most effective and actionable sales intelligence data. You can embellish these further depending upon your then targeted industry and activities.

To be precise, ICP helps you to focus on your most valuable prospects with the greater possibilities of deal closures. CLICK HERE to get a wider view of this with BizKonnect.