Wondering How to Make Your ABM Strategy Click in Lockdown?

In the face of this new business environment, change in priority is obvious for your targeted decision-makers and influencers. Earning their attention can be challenging for your B2B marketing team. So, what should be the strategy that clicks well rather, most reasonably and sensibly? Account-based marketing is the answer. People are already observing higher churn, longer sales cycle, and collapse in budget meant for marketing. As ABM is highly personalized and flexible by nature, by implementing the correct strategy topped with advanced tools you can obtain meaningful engagement across your priority accounts – the need of the hour.

Customized Org charts

But, how should you fine-tune your ABM strategies given the new realities? As the change is rapid, how can you add value with the correct ABM practice? Here is the way –

  • The time calls for the correct utilization of intent data, robust account maps, and technology-enabled organization charts. It will help you to be more target-oriented and empathetic with your approach while staying sensible with the budget. Remember, there is an explode in remote working and your key prospects are vigorously planning for business continuity with lesser disruptions. So, your ABM approach should be planned accordingly, enabling you to demonstrate how your offerings can be of maximum help.

  • Customize your ABM messages and make it more compliant with your target’s challenges, requirements, and financial boundaries. It should be more intentional in respect of their business goals. Again, being more human is something that’s on the horizon for B2B marketers, giving more space to highly conversational communication. Remember, ABM can steadily support you to survive rather, it can make you thrive in this world of new normal, but only if done right.

  • For marketers who stood strong with a perfect list of prospects, this ongoing pandemic has hit them, too. There is an absolute change in the key metrics of approaching such prospects. ABM can help them to double down existing customers for a better success margin. However, the approach should not sound opportunistic. Rather, you should vouch on deeper insights into your target’s priorities and consider the same. Eventually, illustrate how your offerings can help them to break free from the current challenges.

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