How to Nurture Relevant Prospects & Reduce Disruptions Amidst COVID-19 Crisis?

For B2B marketers, deploying the correct ABM strategy might be similar to mountaineering – prolonged and tedious. However, once completed, the outcome happens to be beyond gratification. Incidentally, in these unprecedented times, you should only think of long-term success by getting closer to your targeted prospects with empathy and ensure business continuity. The ongoing market thus calls for a strategized ABM action plan, topped with account maps. It can gradually become impossible to fight the crisis and to navigate the correct path to reduce business disruptions, if you don’t start it now.

Why ABM Amidst COVID-19?

More than ever, businesses need to have a collaborative approach towards marketing and fight the turbulence that this pandemic has brought upon us. You should equally emphasize on quality accounts to sustain your business and not only in quantity. Added with it is the necessity to cast a wider and relevant net, generate demand for your offerings, and also maintain your budgetary planning. ABM is the ultimate intriguer here. It’ll enable you to achieve all the above and take you to your most suitable targets after nurturing their requirements, weaknesses, and strengths while demonstrating how your offerings would benefit them to the maximum.

Account Based Marketing

Today, even though marketing budgets are getting slashed across the industry verticals, businesses are investing their time on ABM, because-

  • It can staple you with the incredible power of tailor-made campaigns that ideally focusses on your target's current crucial requirement. Thus, reducing your time, energy, and cost consumptions.

  • Generating quality leads should be your aim and that too in an empathetic way. As touchpoints of ABM range from being contextual to targeted, you'll be enabled to achieve the same, more effectively.

  • You will get to experience a marketing approach that is more aligned with your sales targets.

  • Given that ABM moves after nurturing the targeted account through a correctly constructed account map, you’ll get to have a more insightful campaign that clicks and also redefines them, as and when required.

  • With a lesser waste of resources, you’ll be yielding a stronger customer relationship, ensuring more and better conversions.

You'll come across an array of reasons for why businesses are more into ABM rather than the conventional marketing modules. But going by these reasons wouldn't be enough if you are targeting for notable enterprise accounts. For that, you'll have to prepare and implement a persuasive ABM strategy backed by actionable account maps.

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