Synxis User List

Ready to evaluate Synxis User List that can be customised as per your needs and prerequisites? BizKonnect deep dives to combine sales intelligence with advanced technology tools, so that you can experience a smarter way of reaching the most prospective, effective, accurate and actionable set of Synxis User Lists.

The List Elements:Company Name, Contact Details, Website, Email Address, Industry, Employee Range, etc.

What Makes Our Data Different?

We are in the age where the correct data is getting an optimum consideration. But, how to decide which would be your best-fit answers among those millions and trillions of data sets? Our team of sales intelligence experts and technocrats can definitely help in this as we have years of experience in delivering success stories across the industry verticals such as HR, Hospitality, eCommerce, Digital Media, eLearning, Advertising, Healthcare and many other domains and technologies. Elements that differentiates our data from others-

  • Lists that are customized as per your target profile
  • Manual verification of the data before it is delivered to you
  • Intelligent tools that takes you to the right account at the right time
  • The data that you will receive will be as recent as on the date which is sent to you
  • 100% quality guarantee and FREE replacements of any defects
  • We follow a strict policy in terms of security & confidentiality
  • We have rich experience in servicing several global customers
  • We standardize data, verify and enrich data, normalize data.
  • Remove all the duplicate entries from your database to make it an agile source of accurate information
  • Delivery within the timeline, Information sourced from most authentic sources

Is Customised Data List Your Only Focus?

Our talent pool of Sales Intelligence Experts can help you through robust solutions and intelligent technology tools. You’ll get your set of requirement-specific and also actionable Synxis User List based on targeted industry, technology, company size, demography, business units, job roles, stakeholders, etc.


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