BizKonnect Platform

BizKonnect platform is a cloud based actionable sales intelligence platform. The platform supports lead generation based on the company’s business ecosystem, gives lead qualification BANK reports , provides Organization Charts mapped with the connections and pain points, scores the leads as per qualification, helps prioritization and gives actionable intelligence.

It has aggregator which collects the structured and unstructured B2B data over the web leveraging the latest aggregation technologies. It has database of 20 Mn companies with their connected business ecosystems. Based on this database, the platform enables solutions of providing B2B contact data for marketing campaigns, market analytics and personalized email campaigns. The actionable workbench makes the integration with the CRM seamless.


Given a website, this product provides complete Business Knowledge Graph of a company. BizKonnect has such knowledge graphs of more than 20 Mn companies. This is a very useful prospect intelligence for sales and marketing teams to understand business context of a company like key people, customers, investors, technologies and business solutions.


This is a self-service browser extension which tells users which Applicant Tracking Software ( ATS ) is used by a company. This can be leveraged by any ATS or other HR technology provider to find out the presence of the current ATS used by the prospect or if the prospect is not using any ATS. If the company is not using any ATS and has lot of job openings, it becomes a good target to sell your recruitment solutions.


This tool helps generating leads leveraging corporate network of the company. It will go through all the levels of corporate and personal network and generate the relevant leads. The tool scores the leads based on the proximity to the company and the management.


This tool gives Konnects between any two companies, persons or between person and a company. It is based on graph database and works on internal as well as external database of companies and persons.


This tool maps the pain points that a company is solving in terms of Need indicators. It associates the indicators with topics and sources. Leveraging the tools like BizAggregators and BizSemantics, it gets the information related with the web. It scores the leads based on the weightages of indicators and confidence level of the information gathered.


This tool helps BizKonnect’s business analysts in their web research. Instead of doing keyword search, it facilitates to have semantics of the topic and map it with the sources of the information. The search results are of better quality and also make the research more refined, focused and meaningful.


This tool gives the organization chart for any company based on the authorities mapped in the configurations. The Organization charts do not just give the decision makers and influencers but also map the references and pain point indicators on top of the organization charts. The charts are editable and act as amazing medium of strategic collaboration for the sales team.


This tool helps to aggregate the data from different sources. It combines the structured and unstructured data, leverages Natural language processing techniques to convert unstructured data into structured data. It leverages web crawlers, scraping, APIs, NLP and many other latest technologies to aggregate the needed data. It also facilitates the workflow driven data aggregation, going through different sources, getting the data, allowing data updates based on manual reviews and eventually allowing manual data entry if the data is not available through automated sources.