Utilize Contextual Data to Get Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

September 15, 2020

Identifying your target account for planning a strategic marketing approach would not be enough. If your aim is faster and smoother enterprise deal closures then you should also build your set of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). What is it? Well, hypothetically it would give you a categorical description of the most effective prospect from whom you can gain immensely and experience enhanced business at scale. Through Ideal Customer Profiling, you'll also get exposed to long-term business benefits.

Ideal Customer Profile

Trust Contextual and Accurate Data for eMail Campaigns & Pump Your ROI

September 11, 2020

Are you aware of the number of email accounts that persist? It is anytime double of the number that this new-age reputed Social Media platforms have. Yes, you read that right!

email campaigns

Improve Success Ratio in eMail Campaigns with Effective Data Management

September 8, 2020

If done right, an email campaign can exemplify your offerings to your prospects and even prompt them to give consent for demo. It can really make a difference in boosting your conversion ratio and ROI. But, all these and several other beneficial aspects can only be gained when you are well-armored with the diligence of robust data management.

email campaigns

Joe’s Smarter Approach to Overcome Bad Data Challenges

September 4, 2020

Something inapt had its continuous presence in Joe’s campaign strategy for the past few months, forcing him to compromise his email-reputation. All at once, Joe remembered, “And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something."

account based marketing

How & Why Data Quality is The Key to Sales Intelligence?

September 2, 2020

Data-accuracy is the foreword for businesses willing to vouch for a dynamic B2B marketing approach. Today, an increasing number of mature start-ups to enterprises are showing interest in intelligent sales strategies that are led by data consistency and fuelled by data insights. Considering the new-age complex sales cycles and enhanced data management technologies, it has become a crucial necessity to dig deeper and gather sales intelligence data based on these key metrics - consistency, completeness, accuracy, validity, and timelessness.

Data Quality

Articulate the Right Message to the Right Person with Strategic ABM

August 24, 2020

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) categorically aligns the sales and marketing team in the best possible way. As personalization at the account level is a quintessential step, teams need to be in sync for delivering account-specific and relevant messages. So, after identifying your target accounts and understanding the decision-makers' group in those accounts, you need to strategize your unique and personalized approach to them. What will you achieve? A direct and robust impact on your revenue graph, more assurance of closing quantity and quality deals, long term professional relationships with enterprises and the list continues.

account maps

Easy & Fast Identification of Key Decision Makers

August 19, 2020

Done with all your target account identification processes? So, what’s next? To identify the key decision-makers and influencers while strategizing the correct approach that clicks. In most of the B2B targeting processes, you’ll not be dealing with a single influencer but many and each of them would have a set of ideas and compulsions. You’ll have to place your offerings, accordingly. In this context, do not neglect to utilize technologically advanced organization charts and account maps incorporated with accurate and updated insights of your target company.

organization charts

Compelling Reasons for Identifying Your Target Accounts in ABM

August 14, 2020

You can’t limit the new-age Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to be a holistic personalized approach that enhances lead generation, it's beyond that. In simple terms, it’s a whole set of analyzed strategies to ensure that you reach the most relevant and potential customers to enhance your ROI. It prevents you from any sorts of wild goose chase by investing your valuable time, resources and money. What’s the best part of capitalizing on a solid ABM strategy designed by diligent sales intelligent experts? It has the perseverance to ensure long-term customers and helps to achieve your enterprise deals.

business knowledge graph

Does Your Org Chart Tool Give You These Unavoidable Features?

August 04, 2020

Enter ‘the best tool for building organization charts in search engines and it will spoil you with choices. Now arrives the real stress. From the first 10-search result to the end, almost all would claim to be the best and unique in some way or the other. So, what should you do now? After all, you can’t neglect to avail the most effective org chart. Why? The new typeset in the corporate structure is to trust actionable customer-centric organization charts instilled with sales intelligence. It’ll give you a better understanding of your target’s requirements, challenges and would help you to plant your offerings, accordingly.

business oriented org chart

Foresee Better Conversion with Your Target’s Departmental Org Chart

July 29, 2020

What if your offerings are related to one Business Unit and you end up connecting with some other department of your target company which does not have a need? Possibly, your reach would get delayed, which means loss of time. Even if someone responds, you’ll have to move at a snail’s pace for reaching out to the relevant department. Again, loss of time! In between, what if your industry-peers stand up to make-term with your prospect and most importantly, with the respective department and the right decision maker ? This would definitely impact your revenue margins, conversion metrics, and of course, your business growth. So, where are you lacking? It might be the actionable, updated, insightful, editable, and departmental org chart of your target company.

Org Chart

What does it mean to Have an Effective Org Chart of Your Prospect Company?

July 24, 2020

The proliferation of new technology has vividly changed the marketing environment and its mode of operation. To access the tech literacy for your marketing and sales team has undoubtedly become the need of the hour. After all, businesses today are more into personalized account-based marketing approaches and especially when the aim is to crack and close enterprise deals. So, what can be the most relevant, time tested, and cost-efficient technology tool to start with? A robust and actionable organization chart of your prospect company built by sales intelligence experts. Let’s dissect a bit deeper:

Effective Org Chart

How to Get Hold of Your Prospect Company’s Actionable Org Chart?

July 21, 2020

Your target company’s backbone is its workforce, anytime. It’s an indispensable prerequisite to understand their roles, responsibilities, reporting structure, related news and more. Why? To strategize a holistic account-based marketing approach that can ensure you increased conversion metrics and ROI. This makes complete sense to leverage org charts and analyse their company structure.

Actionable Org Chart

Role of Org Charts in Ensuring More Enterprise Deal Conversions

July 15, 2020

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Wherefore, if you are ideally seeking to sustain long-term growth through enterprise deals, you need to have the right data about the right decision-makers and influencers of your prospect company. This will give you the liberty to target them with laser-tight focus and confidence. How to get such crucial, high-end, accurate, and relevant data? Well, through good quality org charts. What purpose would it serve? There you go –

Org charts

C-Suite Executives that You Should Recognize and Get Attention Of

July 14, 2020

When you speak of C-suites in the corporate sector, the count is diverse. Also known as C-level executives, these individuals are known for their diligence in impacting decisions that enhance business avenues in the long run. Essentially, C (Chief)-levels are one of the most commonly used vernaculars defining an organization’s hierarchy and especially the topmost, powerful, and influencing heads. They can be CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, and others. They are the most important from a sales and marketing perspective to reach out to and get attention of. Their responsibilities encompass:

Org chart

Variety of Org Charts to be Considered by B2B Marketers

July 13, 2020

An organization chart is considered as the graphical representation of a company’s internal structure, defining respective employees, their job roles, professional relationship structure and other details. From understanding the work responsibilities to reporting relationship format, these charts are of utmost significance for the leadership teams and the management to effectively manage a company’s budgetary factors, growth, change, improve lines of communication and more. Org charts are also providing effective benefits to B2B marketers in strategizing their approach for closing enterprise deals through actionable sales intelligence. They often consider it as a treasure map.

Org charts

Win the Enterprise Sales Game with Org Chart

July 8, 2020

People often count organization charts as a visual representation of a company’s hierarchy. Nevertheless, it can be a pot of gold for B2B marketers aiming for enterprise accounts. What one needs to assure is that the organization structure is built with the most accurate information, gets updated regularly and helps the sales and marketing teams to leverage actionable sales intelligence. Some of the other crucial factors that needs to be considered while building org charts are –

organization charts

How Contextual Data Enhances Business Growth?

July 6, 2020

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – the statement is more relevant than ever, especially, for B2B businesses that aim for sustainable growth in the long run.

Org charts

Orchestrate A Systematic Account-Centric Approach for Enhanced ROI

June 30, 2020

"Identifying mission-critical tactics for achieving near and long-term financial goals in this economic downturn is a pressing priority. So, should you target a buying unit along with influencing units or a single buyer for closing your enterprise deals? You’ll face diversity in decision-makers engaged with the purchasing process of your prospect company especially when you are selling into large enterprises. There are multiple decision makers and influencers. So, you need to devise a holistic approach through a robust account-centric strategy. You need to make sure it enables you to leverage actionable sales intelligence, contextual customized business insights, global data coverage and more."

Account Centric Approach

Leveraging intelligent Org Charts during the Sales process

June 22, 2020

"In addition to having a clearly defined business strategy, the right tool for implementing the same is also the need of the hour. You might have been putting some proven and best practices to make your sales and marketing team thrive, but are you also taking the right ladder that lands you at your target’s door? Half of your battle would be won if you can get the graphical and visual illustration of your prospect company's hierarchy structure in the form of a technologically advanced Organization Chart."

Org charts

Wondering How to Make Your ABM Strategy Click in Lockdown?

June 09, 2020

"In the face of this new business environment, change in priority is obvious for your targeted decision-makers and influencers. Earning their attention can be challenging for your B2B marketing team. So, what should be the strategy that clicks well rather, most reasonably and sensibly? Account-based marketing is the answer. People are already observing higher churn, longer sales cycle, and collapse in budget meant for marketing. As ABM is highly personalized and flexible by nature, by implementing the correct strategy topped with advanced tools you can obtain meaningful engagement across your priority accounts – the need of the hour."

Customized Org charts

What Makes Org Charts the Lifeline of the B2B Sales Process?

May 22, 2020

"For any seasoned B2B sales team, the organization chart is one of the peerless modes of engagement to spruce-up the sales by executing strategic account management protocols. In a way, organization charts act as a sales roaster rather, it is a definitive roadmap that takes you to your buyer by providing a detailed visual illustration of roles, and authority relationships across the targeted organization. It enables you to effectually target the decision-makers of your prospect accounts."

Organization Charts

ABM to Make Unusual the New Normal for your B2B Marketing

May 15, 2020

"Given the existential crisis and lockdown, there is a commendable shift in the B2B marketing paradigm. With implosion in lead-generation events, the explosion in remote working, self-isolation and social distancing, reaching out to the prospects is a real challenge. Marketers thus need to concentrate on the most effective crisis roadmap and cement the right account-based marketing approach. After all, the current scenario isn’t for blanket campaigns rather, it calls for highly targeted, fully empathetic, and rightfully personalized marketing modules for businesses across the industry vertical. ABM is anytime the ultimate way as it helps you to stay connected with your prospect and also takes you through the most specific “individual accounts as markets in their own right” – (as ITSMA defines)."

Org charts

Make Your ABM Account Maps Effective and Actionable

May 12, 2020

"Account-based marketing navigates across the organization that you are targeting with regard to the most relevant cluster of decision-makers and stakeholders. It’s one of the most effective driving forces to track individuals involved in the decision-making process of your prospect organization. Account map is that key piece in any ABM puzzle that makes you more relatable to your prospect with a deeper insight into your target’s challenges and competitive landscape. So, what should be the strategic plan in making your account maps effective and actionable?"

ABM Account Maps

How to Nurture Relevant Prospects & Reduce Disruptions Amidst COVID-19 Crisis?

May 06, 2020

"For B2B marketers, deploying the correct ABM strategy might be similar to mountaineering – prolonged and tedious. However, once completed, the outcome happens to be beyond gratification. Incidentally, in these unprecedented times, you should only think of long-term success by getting closer to your targeted prospects with empathy and ensure business continuity. The ongoing market thus calls for a strategized ABM action plan, topped with account maps. It can gradually become impossible to fight the crisis and to navigate the correct path to reduce business disruptions, if you don’t start it now."

Account Based Marketing

Are You Measuring Your ABM Success Metrics?

April 28, 2020

"You already know the drill for approaching target accounts with the correct ABM strategy. Therefore, after Identifying your target accounts and Understanding the decision-maker group in this account through account mapping you might have adopted a personalized approach. But, have you measured your success metrics? This is perhaps the final and most crucial step to ensure the best-fit ABM strategy for businesses. Here is why –"

Account Map Metrics

Leverage account map insights to reach out to prospects with personalized messages

April 22, 2020

"Once you identify your target accounts and key decision-makers associated with it, the next step is to ACT - to reach out to them with bespoke personalized messages that click. The supreme efficacy of ABM comes from its tailor-made insightful communication model. If you haven’t yet divulged into the same, you’re blindly contributing to the unwanted generic spams that everyone avoids in their inboxes. ABM focusses on executing highly customized campaigns based on your target audience’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, and interests. Thus, making it crucial to understand your prospects with respect to their –"

account map insights

Account Maps for Empathetic Marketing During this Pandemic

April 13, 2020

"In light of the ongoing crisis, adopting a premeditated yet empathy based marketing strategy has become utterly essential for businesses across industry verticals. The fact is that, as the pandemic continues to broaden every day, we are continuing to be taken aback with the recessionary worries. The ongoing catastrophic circumstances have given the big corporate houses the world’s largest work-from-home experience to ensure minimum disruptions. Marketers are vouching on for a swift and strong approach through account maps built by actionable sales experts for business continuity. At the time when no events are happening, worldwide travel bans and halt in in-person meetings, account maps help them to visualize the target accounts and leverage effective marketing tactics in the short-term and determine to stay relevant, stay connected, stay audible and stay visible in the long-term." account maps Read More...

Understanding your target decision making group using Account Maps

April 06, 2020

"If the first step towards implementing a well-analyzed ABM strategy is to identify and define your targeted account, the second is to understand the decision-maker group in such accounts. As personalization is the key to unlock the real benefits of ABM campaigns, it becomes essential to have an extensive understanding of the decision makers in the target accounts and their role. So, how should you proceed?" ABM strategy Read More...

Kick-Start Your ABM for Enhanced Avenues by identifying target accounts

March 30, 2020

"By now, you must be aware that the demand for strategic Account Based Marketing is growing exponentially. Businesses are landing big sales whales with ABM and how! So, you should determine the right jump-off point to start with a well-analyzed ABM strategy that gives you results beyond satisfactory limits." Read More...

Account Based Marketing for better ROI

March 17, 2020

"B2B marketers of this age vehemently trust account-based marketing (ABM) to cast a wider net of marketing campaigns. It strongly complements their effort to drive long-term revenue growth. According to HubSpot, “more than 60% of companies plan to launch an ABM-based campaign” by the end of this year. The ABM approach has been there for years but the recent technologies available have made this approach scalable and hence more effective. Let’s understand ABM in a wider way –" Read More...

Easy Prospecting of Big Deals with Account Maps

March 5, 2020

"For B2B businesses that aim for thriving sales growth, it's imperative to opt for key account management. Other than synchronizing your sales, marketing, inside sales and management teams it is equally essential to nurture and build relationships and make the big deals happen. Unfortunately, >40% of sales executives consider prospecting to be the most critical and tedious task. Thankfully, account maps are helping them to break the wall white opening up new doors to connect with multiple decision-makers at the enterprises " Read More...

Navigate your Enterprise sales journey faster with Account Maps

March 5, 2020

"Think of a situation where you have almost finalized an enterprise deal. Unfortunately, the next day it's not there. The person with whom you were communicating might have stopped responding or got transferred or moved to another job! There are continuous restructuring initiatives happening in these large enterprises. So, what should be your next step? Should you stop then and there? Well, the answer is an alternate route. How? Through the assistance of account mapping" Read More...

Intelligent Account Maps for your Enterprise Sales

February 26, 2020

"If you are up for cracking enterprise deals, it is essential to have a visual presentation of your prospect company’s relationship dynamics. Account maps incorporated with the right information is the way to it. Your sales team would not only get a detailed overview of your prospect's operational processes through it but would also be able to recognize key-decision makers. Account map counts on the informal hierarchies and certainly takes you beyond typical org charts" Read More...

Focus on Enterprise Sales with Account Mapping

February 12, 2020

"When you are aiming for your enterprise sales, neither can you rely on a single executive nor can you hop from one sales call to another and get the deal signed. What should be the step forward? Well, adopt a strategic measure that connects you with your prospect on a deeper level, identifies stakeholders/decision-makers and creates a consensus. Said that you need to get hold of Account Mapping on a practical level to visually understand your prospect company to its core. It will also help you to personalize sales pitches while ensuring more business. Now the question is –" Read More...

Strategize Towards Enterprise Accounts

January 31, 2020

"Potential deals from marquee large enterprises can be the only game-changer for SMEs rather, for any organization. Can you deny? From having a lucrative revenue boost to exploring projects with lifetime value, you can acquire it all. Start-ups and SMEs often avoid crunching into enterprise deals as they are intimidating. Moreover, the process is extensively prolonged which consumes the core sales, marketing, and management bandwidth. Yet you should trade with Enterprises as Pareto’s 80/20 principle is applicable in such elite accounts. How? You can increase your revenue by 80% from only 20% of your enterprise deals." Read More...

Break the Challenges of Enterprise Sales

January 31, 2020

"What is more lucrative? Only hunting and settling for SME sales accounts, bringing the same profit metrics every year or to ensure enterprise accounts that would enhance ROI and expand your networking into the trillion-dollar marketplace? A twinge of panic is obvious for selling to enterprises. But the biggies are already spending big in small. Likewise, you should prepare an irresistible pitch. Remember, selling to enterprises is drastically different but, you can when you’ll think like them while making an exceptional approach of your own. So, are you focused to get engaged with such virtual gold-mines? The key would be to seek assistance from the expert sales intelligence team, that have been ideally working on this ground and have proven-results." Read More...

Impact of Refreshed & Enriched CRM in Data Driven Sales World

January 17, 2020

"The ever-changing business climate across industry verticals counts on the latest, actionable and quality data. But what should be the cost and time-efficient measure when certain crucial data loses its value within a few days? Well, to refresh and enrich your CRM with actionable data, not only in the preliminary stage but, in an ongoing manner." Read More...

Get Maximum ROI from the event participation

January 10, 2020

"Events are great to interact and network with your potential customers and peers. But most of the times you end up meeting sales person who is selling you something. You would ideally like to meet someone who is of your interest – may be potential customer, potential investor, potential partner etc. Most of the business deals bloom when you encounter the right authority at the right event. " Read More...

BizKonnect ranked as a High Performer in G2 Crowd’s 2019 Best Global Sales Intelligence Software Report

01 December, 2019

"BizKonnect, a growing sales intelligence software has added another feather in its cap. Thanks to the support and great reviews by its customers, Bizkonnect has been ranked as a High Performer of 2019 sales intelligence software. BizKonnect got review rating of 4.6 on scale of 5 much higher than the most of its competitors in the space." Read More...

Duplicate Data Resolution Techniques

30 September, 2019

Attack the problem at the source by preventing duplication at data entry. Manual data entry is perhaps the entry point most culpable for data duplication. Guidelines, standardized templates and a strong review system as well as an alert informing data operators of possible duplicates existing in the system when a new entry is added will ameliorate some of the pain. Naturally, the next step is to provide a tool to check existing records for duplicate data. In the rest of this article, I will analyze the problems with solutions currently in use and propose my own improvements on these. Read More...

Leverage Konnect Maps to navigate faster into Large Enterprises !!!

27 June, 2019

For any startup, rather for any company, it is important to have large enterprises as customers because that is where you will get good showcase logos on your customer list and also the deal sizes will be big. There is also a lot of growth potential within the large accounts once you make an entry. The entry into these large accounts can be very lengthy process and will eat a lot of sales, marketing and management bandwidth. Once you cross the entry point and are a registered vendor with some business engagement, it will also not be easy to navigate across all the other business units and get more business unless you approach the account strategically and leverage sales intelligence. Read More...

Scaling is not an option–If your company is not growing, it is dying!

8 January, 2018

“You need to be proactive in setting up your sales engine before the sales starts dropping. When you start looking at the options when your revenue is flat or dropping, you do things in panic. It is like the recent advice by the IMF to the world economies – one should repair the roof when the Sun is shining. You should invest in sales and marketing more and set up your own successful way of sales and marketing when you are growing and not when you see flat growth.” Read More...

Have you slowed down your sales activities because it is December – Think again!

21 December, 2017

“Is it that while you and your sales team sweat blood throughout the year to pump in more leads/opportunities for business, often take a break in December from all your sales strategies. You might want to think again! If you win it here, your proposal might land a place in the prospect's new year strategy document.” Read More...

Web Data Discovery and Sourcing Approaches for Text Analytics

29 November, 2017

“The web data discovery and sourcing problem is multifold: ranging right from intellectual property ownership/control, volume, ethics, precision and authenticity. A knowledgebase should at the least adhere to select resources which assure a degree of credibility, authenticity, repeatability, reliability and quality. Just because something is there on the web doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to find. Most of the time, we know what we want but don’t know where we can find it and how we can use it.” Read More...

Scale up your business by leveraging your Business Connections.

12 September, 2017

“You need to communicate to your prospects that I understand the problem you are facing, I have a solution for it and I have provided that solution to another company who is of your size, in your geography, in your domain and uses similar technology. I understand you and have solved the problem in a similar ecosystem. You NOW have built the trust and confidence with your prospect by leveraging the Business Connection.” Read More...

BizKonnect’s actionable sales intelligence solution enables growth of its 200+ global customers.

12 Feb, 2017

BizKonnect, a rapidly growing actionable sales intelligence startup, announced crossing a significant milestone of signing its 200th customer. The company saw an year of accelerated growth and added more than 100 new customers in less than 9 months. This year, it also expanded its business offering to provide sales intelligence to the e-Learning and e-Commerce technology companies in addition to its well established HR and Hospitality technology markets. Its personalized email campaign service, which leverages its research platform in an assisted service model, continued to be very popular with the sales teams. It is also getting an excellent traction to its new offering - “Event based campaigns”, where it helps sales and marketing executives to have pre-scheduled meetings in the conferences and make their event participation very productive. Read More...

BizKonnect’s experience with its Small Town Centers.

29 August, 2016

BizKonnect, a technology startup in the actionable sales intelligence space has been scaling up rapidly. To support the growth, it has leveraged a “small town” model very effectively. It has two centers , one in Aurangabad and the other one in Margao (Goa ) supporting their Pune center. This model has brought in operational efficiency which is helping the company to fuel the growth further. The founders recently shared their experience with the “Small Town” model and their learnings which will be useful for other companies thinking of doing the same. Read More...

Bizkonnect crosses a milestone of serving more than 100 customers with its actionable sales intelligence solutions.

4 May, 2016

BizKonnect, a growing actionable sales intelligence startup, announced crossing a significant milestone of signing its 100th customer.The company saw an year of accelerated growth and doubled its revenue. The year also saw it expanding its business offering to providing sales intelligence to the HCM and Hospitality markets in addition to its well established IT market. Its database expanded multifold and crossed 1 Mn global companies. Read More...

BizKonnect releases sales intelligence solution for the Human Capital Management ( HCM ) market.

18 Jan, 2016

Bizkonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, today announced its release of a module specifically for the HCM domain. The company has been serving IT services and products market for more than 3 years. Over the last few months, the company saw increased demand from the HCM software companies and decided to develop this domain focused module.

The demand for HCM management software has been growing over the years. This has resulted in increased ecosystem of the specialized players in this sector. There are many companies focusing just on recruitment ( ATS ), ackground screening, Candidate assessment, Performance Management, Training, Interviewing with each of this sub-category seeing spurt of startup activities. The latest trends in recruitment have been around mobile and social recruitment and video interviewing. The new startups are coming up in these latest technologies and trying to displace the established players. This is a huge opportunity for BizKonnect to provide competitive sales intelligence to the sales and marketing departments of the HCM software companies. These companies need intelligence around HR and Talent Acquisition decision makers, technologies used in HCM and also activities around hiring. BizKonnectHCM exactly caters to this need. Read More...

We Believe that…

  • People do business with someone they trust.
  • The trust comes from connections – People, Corporate and Business Connections.
  • The most effective connection to approach the unknown target prospects is the business connection.
  • Cold calling does not work.
  • Knowing accurate customer pain points will help you in your sales.
  • Company website is its resume. It can be used to understand its business ecosystem.
  • You need to use the latest technologies to get accurate business information.
  • You need to communicate to your prospects that "I understand the problem you are facing, I have a solution for it and I have provided that solution to another company who is of your size, in your geography, in your domain and uses similar technology. I understand you and have solved the problem in a similar ecosystem." You NOW have built the trust and confidence with your prospect by leveraging the Business Connection.

    Leverage your business connections...

    BizKonnect helps you to connect with your target decision makers leveraging business connections. We have an ecosystem of all businesses connected with their business connections. We leverage our connected business ecosystem of 20 Million global businesses and provide sales intelligence, analytics and theme campaign solutions to the sales and marketing teams.

    We provide actionable sales intelligence and help you with the technology users lists, decision makers contact list. Our clients use the contact list to reach to their decision makers. We provide deep sales intelligence like market analysis, heat map, organizational chart, technology map, connection map which help you in the Account Based Marketing. Our theme based personalized campaigning solution is very effective in giving qualified meetings with the decision makers. The assisted service model makes it a virtual sales assistant for your sales executives. With our own company database of 20 Million companies, we are trusted data and campaign partners of global sales and marketing teams.

    Customer Testimonial

    BizKonnect records 300% revenue growth, increases customer base rapidly.

    17 Apr, 2015

    BizKonnect records 300% revenue growth, increases customer base rapidly. BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, announced their third year financial results. BizKonnect revenue grew by 300% in the third year with the customer base growing to 32 global customers and 8 ongoing pilots. This has been a milestone year of an accelerated growth in revenue and the number of new customers added. The company also added some marquee clients to its portfolio and expanded its offering to the marketing departments. This year also saw an entry into Europe, in addition to the existing US and India markets.

    In the coming year, the company plans to invest into its sales and marketing especially in the US and Europe market. The company plans to invest in products and release some of the internal tools to the external customers. The initial years have gone in building the products and refining the business models and offerings. The business model is proven and is repeatable. Now the focus in the coming year will be on building scalability and profitability in the entire business. Now, the company plans to scale up the revenue by investing in sales and marketing and reduce the cost by leveraging the automation and the products. The focus will also be in defining the internal processes and get the organization ready for the expected scaling. The company has been generating funds from its operations and is funded by Angels. Read More...

    BizKonnect grew in revenue by 70% in 2013-14 - its second year of operation.

    16 Apr, 2014

    BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company, announced their second year financial results. BizKonnect revenue grew by 70% in the second year with the customer base growing to 11 global customers and 6 ongoing pilots. This has been a year of great growth not only in terms of revenue but also overall company growth in terms of acquiring referenced customer base, setting up processes and building a scalable robust product. The founders believe that, in this phase, though good revenue growth is always welcome, the company’s focus was more on getting good customers who can be referenced and delivering them outstanding value. The company has achieved that goal. Read More...

    BizKonnect enters the year 2014 with 8 customers and 6 pilots.

    8 Jan, 2014

    BizKonnect Solutions, a startup in the actionable sales intelligence space entered the year 2014, with 8 customers and 6 pilots. The company is in its second year of operations. The company has been fortunate to start with a customer on the day one of its operations and solve the real problem. The solution has evolved over these years and the company has got absolute clarity in terms of its offerings and business models. What makes it unique in this space is its unique network based approach to lead generation, technology backed approach to solve the real business problems and a service component making it a very effective and efficient approach to grow the business. Read More...

    BizKonnect receives second round of angel funding towards expanding its engineering efforts.

    11 Nov, 2013

    BizKonnect, a startup in actionable sales intelligence space, announced that it received the second round of angel funding. This funding is primarily to support its engineering efforts. BizKonnect plans to expand its engineering team and the engineering focus will be to make the platform robust and scalable.

    BizKonnect has been acquiring one new customer per month in addition to multiple pilots. The company plans to expands its customer base rapidly in 2014 and hence it became imperative to invest into the product engineering. This investment will not only help the company to scale up its platform but also scale up the business model which is currently more service oriented. Read More...

    BizKonnect achieves its sales and operational goals of the year 2013 - April 2013.

    17 Apr, 2013

    BizKonnect, an actionable sales intelligence company today announced that they had a great first year of their operations. BizKonnect acquired 3 new customers in its first year, making it ready for the next year of growth. All their customers renewed their contracts giving another validation of the ROI that the BizKonnect platform offers.

    In the next financial year, as per the founders, the focus will be on serving the acquired customers and to make sure that the business operations are scalable at the same time the current customers see the ROI in their investment. The efforts will be to set the operational process and bring in more predictability to the results achieved. Once this is achieved, the company plans to invest into product engineering to convert the set processes into tools and products. Read More...