How Contextual Data Enhances Business Growth?

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – the statement is more relevant than ever, especially, for B2B businesses that aim for sustainable growth in the long run.

With the climb in the hunt for enterprise deals, B2B marketers are taking data maturity to a whole new height. This has undoubtedly intensified the need to trust on contextual insights and not only on data volume. So, other than wasting time, resources, or budget on inconsistent data which is of little value for the business, it is better to focus on context data that ensure higher profitability.

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How to Get Exposed to Contextual Data?

One of the solutions is to opt for an actionable sales intelligence software supported by virtual sales assistants.But, make sure that you are empowered to leverage actionable sales intelligence that combines the best of all respective tools for providing yo with contextual customized insights of your target like funding, projects, recent Press releases on relevant products/services, etc. Some of the other considerable factors –

  • Your data is contextual only when it focuses on the account and complete decision-making a group and not on any individual. Especially, if you are targeting enterprise leads.

  • You can’t consider your data to be contextual if it comes with limited insights for example some individual profiles that are easily available through common professional Platforms.

  • It is better to get beyond Generic Database by trusting on data that are customized as per your target profile based on Geography, Business Unit, and Titles of your Interest.

  • If you want affordability without compromising the quality of your contextual contact data, it is better to dodge expensive Annual subscription paid in advance for all accounts. Rather, acquire individual account maps, only those you need.

  • Go to great lengths by considering Global data coverage including non-English speaking countries, wider industry domains, and business units.

  • Make sure that you are obtaining 100% Data quality with free replacement of defects for your CRMs. It should get monthly refreshed while giving you alerts for any changes. Trust in technologies that integrate with all CRMs and Marketing automation tools.

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