Improve Success Ratio in eMail Campaigns with Effective Data Management

If done right, an email campaign can exemplify your offerings to your prospects and even prompt them to give consent for demo. It can really make a difference in boosting your conversion ratio and ROI. But, all these and several other beneficial aspects can only be gained when you are well-armored with the diligence of robust data management.

There is a mistaken notion among marketers that email-marketing is all about bulk delivery. It is indeed, but, the delivery must be to the most accurate individual at the most accurate time. Anything less can affect your email-reputation which means, more spams and blacklists. A smart B2B marketer of this age would never want that! Why is it so? Because–

Business-Oriented Data That Clicks

What’s the purpose of owning a ready data bank which doesn’t allow you to enjoy happier subscribers and increases your sales margin? So, it is equally essential that you keep your data enriched and continuously refreshed. After all, 100% quality guaranteed data has got every capacity to determine your success through email marketing. Remember, your buyers will have plenty of choices, so, it is all about what they need and how capable you are in putting yourself in a unique way to attract them. This is only possible when you are capable of delivering the right email to the right decision-maker of your target company and at the right time.

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Actionable Contact List

Often a circumstance arises where you need to take immediate action as there is a higher possibility of deal closure. In such a scenario, reaching out to your prospect through call, email or other professional connecting platform becomes the ultimate measure. What if the information is not handy? Can you afford to lose the opportunity? This is where updated and accurate data has a role to play. A diligent team of intelligent sales experts would not only amend you with the most recent info and data but would also ensure that your team can work on without delay. They can explicitly share some companies which your team could not penetrate and help you with additional authorities from them. You can also acquire –

  • Free data replenishment for bounced emails (if any)

  • Data quality and recency assurance through a manual verification

  • Customized database as per your requirements

  • Combined multiple data sources in order to enable easy access to your data

Event Data is Equally Important

Suppose, your team plans to attend an event in a week’s time, however, do not have an attendee list that you can utilize for a pre-event campaign. Even the conference app interface to connect with the attendees is not user-friendly and is time-consuming. So, how do you get the attendee list into CRM for future reference? A team of trained sales data and research analysts can definitely help you with all such tasks. They’ll cleanse your database, check for data accuracy, and help you to get rid of duplicated as well as incorrect entries.

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