Orchestrate A Systematic Account-Centric Approach for Enhanced ROI

Identifying mission-critical tactics for achieving near and long-term financial goals in this economic downturn is a pressing priority. So, should you target a buying unit along with influencing units or a single buyer for closing your enterprise deals? You’ll face diversity in decision-makers engaged with the purchasing process of your prospect company especially when you are selling into large enterprises. There are multiple decision makers and influencers. So, you need to devise a holistic approach through a robust account-centric strategy. You need to make sure it enables you to leverage actionable sales intelligence, contextual customized business insights, global data coverage and more.

Account Centric Approach

Why so? The answer is –

  • It’ll empower you to target specific accounts that best-fits your offerings

  • You can strategize your ABM approach for converting such accounts into leads

  • If you can obtain 100% Data quality, your conversion metrics would increasingly amplify, too

  • You can stand out through a customized approach as per your target profile

  • Your team will have better visibility, accountability, coordination and engagement thus, driving sustainable growth & ROI

  • Put more focus on accounts and complete the decision-making group, etc.

How Would You Achieve This?

You need to combine the best of all sales intelligence tools and build an account-centric ABM approach. You need to create strategic account maps of your target accounts. Ensure to obtain a customized database as per your target profile in respect of geography, business unit and titles of your interest. Some of the other essentials are –

  • As B2B revenue operations circulate around influencers, you need to approach with offerings that rightfully hit their requirements, goals and challenges. For that, you’ll have to ascertain that your CRM is equipped with 100% Data quality with regular replacement of defects.

  • Your CRM should be refreshed monthly and you should get alerts for any changes. Bring an ABM transformative tool that correctly integrates with CRMs and Marketing automation tools. It’ll prevent you from any sorts of misalignments that might destabilize your buyer’s confidence from your service/product offerings.

  • You should also acquire the firmographic data in respect of your target’s business insights, geography, budgetary strategy, industry and also the updated account maps. It’ll help you to engage, segment and convert more potential prospects.

Above all, the account-centric approach prevents you from moving with a disconnected approach which often results in loss of confidence among targets. Thus, lesser conversions and ROI. Would you like to explore how BizKonnect account maps and customized Org charts contribute to creating a connected account-centric approach at scale that strengthens ROI? CLICK HERE