Win the Enterprise Sales Game with Org Chart

People often count organization charts as a visual representation of a company’s hierarchy. Nevertheless, it can be a pot of gold for B2B marketers aiming for enterprise accounts. What one needs to assure is that the organization structure is built with the most accurate information, gets updated regularly and helps the sales and marketing teams to leverage actionable sales intelligence. Some of the other crucial factors that needs to be considered while building org charts are –

  • Understand the business structure of the target company in respect of solutions provided, different business units, geography

  • Contemplate key insights of your target’s projects and technologies

  • There would be multiple decision makers and influencers involved in closing your enterprise deals. It might involve Data, Security, Legal, IT, Finance, HR, Management, Business Units, Procurement and others. You should have detailed information covered in your or charts, etc.

organization charts

To accelerate sales cycle, you need good connections and references within these accounts mentioned above. How org charts can help you to the maximum? Here goes the answer –

  • While selling to large enterprises you need to navigate through multiple influencers. After all, if one of them becomes your sponsor there are possibilities of others jeopardizing your chances of closing the deal. A well built, editable and technologically advanced org chart would definitely help you to approach your targets strategically and leverage sales intelligence.

  • Your sales and marketing team needs to cooperate and work in synchronization for increasing the conversion rates with regards to your enterprise prospects. Org chart would also help you here by providing one common view of your target account. It also helps to create multiple entry points for all your outbound prospecting.

  • Organization chart is also an effective tool for amplifying your TCV (total contract value) as it empowers you to expand your customer base with better retention. You’ll be empowered to experience the benefits of both cross-selling and up-selling.

To be precise, organization charts can be your strategic maps that give you an integrated view of your targeted enterprise. You can leverage insights and connections for reaching out to your prospects.

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