Account Maps for Empathetic Marketing During this Pandemic.

What has happened to the business world in the last few days/weeks/months is nothing new. The fact is that, as the pandemic continues to broaden every day, we are continuing to be taken aback with the recessionary worries. The ongoing catastrophic circumstances have given the big corporate houses the world’s largest work-from-home experience to ensure minimum disruptions. Marketers are vouching on for a swift and strong approach through account maps built by actionable sales experts for business continuity. At the time when no events are happening, worldwide travel bans and halt in in-person meetings, account maps help them to visualize the target accounts and leverage effective marketing tactics in the short-term and determine to stay relevant, stay connected, stay audible and stay visible in the long-term.

Why Account Mapping at This Time?

Today, even Adobe digital experience conference is ensuring to deploy true digitalization so is Google which has scrapped the most popular Google I/O. Both the Google Cloud Next conference and Microsoft’s MVP Summit will be held online. Thus, signifying the fact that technology and high-end account maps are becoming the bedrock factor for marketers to ensure social distancing and at the same time business continuity.

Many leading experts are of the view that targeted corporate communications are counting on traditional marketing approach especially at this time of crisis ensuring more and better interactions with the key decision-makers. You need to vividly focus on personas, cultural rises and geopolitical conditions all of which are achievable through the correct and well-analyzed account mapping. You should thus come up with knowledge, solutions, ideas, and suggestions on how companies can reduce cost-effectively and sustain before approaching with account maps.

account maps

How to Approach with Your Current Solutions and Its Relevance in The COVID Scenario?

Market researchers are of the view that eLearning, Healthcare, Pharma, eCommerce, Finance, Food, Media, etc., are a few among many industries that are going to observe growth. So, the first thing is to find whether/not you can orient your solutions with the same. You also need to ensure that your solutions are capable of remote collaboration or not. Get answers to questions like - Does your solution help in Digitization and can it be operated remotely? Does your solution help in remote collaboration and cost reduction? Eventually, you should ensure –

  • Personalized email reach out with genuine concern reflected in the messaging

  • Reach out with email conversations, calls, and video calls

  • Look beyond developed economies for IT services business

  • Review current themes and messaging, etc.

It would also be recommended to consult with experts who would take you through the correct messaging done through the correct medium, ensuring more responses. As more and more people are working from home, these actionable sales experts exactly know when to contact your targeted decision-makers and how. They can also help you with qualified target contact lists, org charts, and proven campaign solutions.

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