Leverage account map insights to reach out to prospects with personalized messages.

Once you identify your target accounts and key decision-makers associated with it, the next step is to ACT - to reach out to them with bespoke personalized messages that click. The supreme efficacy of ABM comes from its tailor-made insightful communication model. If you haven’t yet divulged into the same, you’re blindly contributing to the unwanted generic spams that everyone avoids in their inboxes. ABM focusses on executing highly customized campaigns based on your target audience’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, and interests. Thus, making it crucial to understand your prospects with respect to their –

  • News, growth drivers, budgetary matters and inhibitors ,etc.

  • Agenda of each decision-maker their preferences and tactics

  • Relevant events where the decision makers spoke and their blogs

  • Market dynamics, existing connections and competitor presence

This helps you to convey your offerings and capabilities in a way that widens the chances of conversion and quality engagement. Eventually, helping your target prospects to have a transparent view of the benefits of collaborating with your business.

account map insights

So, at this point in executing the most strategic Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, you should espouse every essential knowledge that would embellish your personalized messages to the maximum. It covers - any recent product launch, a blog or article that the CTO has written, the topic on which CIO has spoken in a conference and gets deep sales intelligence about the account and the person. From counting the minute details of your targeted prospects to supporting the crucial data for backing your assumptions up, you need to align it all. The process might be wide-ranging and calls for intelligent sales experts and tools. They make you have full utilization of astute contents for your ABM strategy while empowering you to leverage deep sales intelligence in the form of a complete Technology map and Connection map of your target accounts. You'll be enabled to increase your marketing net and circulate effective messages that address several touchpoints by –

  • Conveying messages through the demo, case studies, proven capabilities to which your targets can relate with

  • Proper categorizing of messages in respect of industry verticals account categories and geographical aspects that drive your targeted accounts to the maximum

  • Highlighting the right business connections in your messaging

  • Generating trust in the mind of the buyers

Essentially, you need to build trust and confidence among your prospects by leveraging the Business Connection. Buyers would be more interested in your business only if your personalized message helps them to relate with your solutions/offerings and relevancy with respect to their requirements. The account maps of your target accounts with relevant deep insights will help you to achieve exactly this.