Understanding your target decision making group using Account Maps.

If the first step towards implementing a well-analyzed ABM strategy is to identify and define your targeted account, the second is to understand the decision-maker group in such accounts. As personalization is the key to unlock the real benefits of ABM campaigns, it becomes essential to have an extensive understanding of the decision makers in the target accounts and their role. So, how should you proceed?

ABM strategy

Focus on your target business unit and the decision-makers of your interest with the help of actionable sales experts who would provide you with Heat Maps (Organization charts with your relationships and insights). These have your connections highlighted on the organization charts so that you can contact them. It also provides contact details of the decision-makers in these Org Charts. Also get the accurate answers for the most critical queries like:

  • Which decision-makers should you target?

  • What would be your approach towards them?

  • What are their requirements and your offerings?

  • What are they responsible for ?

  • What is your connection with them ?

  • What information like their blog or speech that you can use to communicate with them ?

Understanding all these critical prerequisites is not the ultimate. You should also consult with actionable sales experts who would take you through –

  • Valuable contact information

  • Deeper insights

  • Most current information

  • Prospects’ competition and others.

Much of what you’ll find would be extremely useful to create the difference. It helps you to target messaging to the right audience in your target accounts and penetrate within those.

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