BizKonnect Platform - Aggregate, Analyze and Act

BizKonnect platform is a cloud based actionable sales intelligence platform. The platform helps sales and marketing teams with sales intelligence and analytics, provides Organization Charts mapped with the connections and business insights, facilitates email campaigns to generate leads, scores the leads as per qualification and helps prioritization.

It has aggregator which collects the structured and unstructured B2B data over the web leveraging the latest aggregation technologies. It has database of 20 Mn companies with their connected business ecosystems and business knowledge graphs. Based on this database, the platform enables solutions of providing B2B contact data for marketing campaigns, Org charts for strategic account mapping and facilitates theme based email campaigns. The actionable workbench makes the integration with the CRM seamless.

BizKart - Sales Intelligence

This tool provides actionable sales intelligence and helps you with the contact lists as per your target profile. This is a great source to build and augment your marketing database. It provides multiple contact lists in different verticals such as HR, Hospitality, eCommerce, Digital Media, eLearning, Advertising, Healthcare and many other domains and technologies. The clients use these contact lists to do email or calling campaigns to reach their decision-makers. We provide a 100% quality guarantee with free replacement of defects.

ORGKonnect – Org Charts With Connections and Insights

This self-service portal has a repository of organization charts of all global enterprises. You can get a customized organization chart for any company based on the target profile. The Organization charts do not just give the decision makers and influencers but also map the references and pain point indicators on top of the organization charts. The charts are customized and act as an amazing medium of strategic collaboration for the sales and marketing teams. They give an integrated view of an account to management, marketing, sales, account management and inside sales.

OrgKonnect provides you ready account maps with complete org structure, their contact details. It maps your sales, marketing and mgmt. connections. You can filter using connection filters. These are used as strategic maps to get one integrated view of the account and then leverage connections and insights to reach to the prospects. Management uses it to strategize and give direction. Marketing uses it to create themes, campaigns and marketing strategies. It works with inside sales to generate leads using the contacts. The sales team uses connections and insights to send personalized messages to get the conversations going on. The maps are also interactive and can be leveraged to track the movement within the account from getting connected to moving to the warm stage till the sales closure and even beyond that for account mining.

The key here is to see the prospect account and decision makers in context to your solution. There are solutions which provide generic databases and intelligence. ORGKonnect provides contextual account maps with people and insights as per your context. This context makes the maps very relevant and effective to you. The map has insights about the company, business units and also individuals in your solution’s context. The insight can be about some recent relevant news about the person, something that person spoke about in an event, it can be about new projects, new investments in the area of your interest. You can send personalized messages using the insights in the context of your solution. You can see and leverage your team’s connections. The maps are actionable, you can send emails to business email id or send LinkedIn requests.

These Org charts help you to get multiple entry points and paths to the decision makers so that you are not stuck in any of your connection leaves or are not showing interest. Just like Google Maps helps you to navigate and reach faster to your destination, these Konnect Maps ( account maps with your connection and relevant insights ) help you to navigate in the large enterprises on the fastest sales track along the decision making tree.

BizCampaign – Data Analytics Driven Iterative Theme Campaigns

This tool provides customers the ability to run iterative theme based email campaigns. The first step of the campaign is to understand and configure customer’s business ecosystem, understand the solutions and current customer studies. This helps to arrive at the potential themes to run the campaign on and finalize the target profile. Once the target profile ( Geography, Industry, Business Solution, Size, Title ) is finalized, the tool helps to extract the contact data from its own sales intelligence repository BizKart which has 20 mn contact database. The messaging templates are available for different industries, solutions and personas. These can be customized adding any links to track the clicks. The next step is to execute the campaign by setting the message template, add a click link, set up a follow up frequency and schedule the whole campaign.

The analytics module gives analysis on the data as well as responses. The reports help you ensure that the data on which the emails are sent is exactly as per the target profile. The response reports help you analyze which titles are responding, which functions are clicking more and which message is working better.

This will help you with refining the target profile and message in the next iteration. The tool helps you with complete ISAAC (Initiate Set-up Act Accelerate and Cruise) workflow of the iterative theme based email campaigns.

With this workflow based data driven campaign tool you don’t have to invest on any data, tool or people. You get the email campaign best practices, data, campaign tool, messaging templates, anti-spamming best practices and inside sales support all included in the assisted service model.

ISVKonnect – Business Ecosystem of ISVs

This self-service portal has a complete business knowledge graph of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors ). More than 150,000 global ISVs are covered with information regarding their management, business solutions, technologies, customers, investors, jobs and recent news. This ISV data is very useful if you are selling to them, if you want to have them on your platform, you are interested in investing in them or you want to acquire them.

InvestorKonnect – Connect with the Right Investors

This self-service portal helps you to connect with the right investor who is investing in your domain and helps you do that by leveraging your connections and by providing relevant business insights. For example, if your solution is into a business category of “Collaboration Software”, the tool will help you to find out investors who are investing in this area. It will capture your ecosystem of business solutions and management and help you find the business and people connections with these investors. Once you find the investors investing in the category of your interest, you can leverage the connections and also the contact details to reach out to the investors. The portal will also provide relevant insights about the investor, portfolio companies, and partners which you can leverage to reach out to the investors with a customized and personalized message.

TechKonnect – Find out Technology Used by a Company

This is a self-service tool which tells users which technologies are used by a company. It uses Natural Language processing to get TechnoGraph of a company from online strings or offline sources like jobs, website pages and public profiles. It can provide ATS (Applicant Tracking Software ) used by a company for recruitment, Reservation Booking engine used by hotels and restaurants, Payment gateway used by online eCommerce companies, etc. There are multiple use cases to leverage this intelligence. For example, this can be leveraged by any ATS or other HR technology providers to find out the presence of the current ATS used by the prospect or if the prospect is not using any ATS. If the company is not using any ATS and has a lot of job openings, it becomes a good target to sell your recruitment solutions.

BizKonnector - B2B Connections

This tool gives Konnects between any two companies, persons, or between a person and a company. It is based on a graph database and works on internal as well as the external database of companies and persons.

BizSemantic - Simplified Context Based Search

This tool helps BizKonnect’s business analysts in their web research. Instead of doing a keyword search, it facilitates to have the semantics of the topic and map it with the sources of the information. The search results are of better quality and also make the research more refined, focused and meaningful. This tool makes sure that your research is easy to do, is standardized and you can drive analytics to improve research learnings to continue to make it more effective and efficient.

BizGraph - Business Knowledge Graphs Of Companies

Given a website, this product provides a complete Business Knowledge Graph of a company. BizKonnect has such knowledge graphs of more than 20 Mn companies. This is a very useful prospect intelligence for sales and marketing teams to understand the business context of a company like key people, customers, investors, technologies and business solutions.

BizNLP – Extract Business Context From Any Text.

BizNLP helps you extract and understand the business context from any unstructured text content. BizNLP uses state-of-the-art Ontologies, Natural Language Processing algorithms, Machine Learning Techniques and Recommendation Engines to extract information data points from your textual content in the English language. BizNLP offers REST API for easy integration. Client applications can send text content and receive a JSON response.

BizAggregator - Aggregate Data From Different Sources

This tool helps to aggregate the data from different sources. It combines the structured and unstructured data, leverages Natural language processing techniques to convert unstructured data into structured data. It leverages web crawlers, scraping, APIs, NLP and many other latest technologies to aggregate the needed data. It also facilitates the workflow driven data aggregation, going through different sources, getting the data, allowing data updates based on manual reviews and eventually allowing manual data entry if the data is not available through automated sources.